Editor’s favorite concept bikes from 2014

2014 produced some of the best concept bikes we’ve seen in a while. As per tradition, the usual suspects made what we can only assume were their best efforts to outdo each other, and true to form, some impressed more than others. We’ve looked into the top three picks for 2014.

The BMW concept roadster, revealed at the 2014 Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este in Italy, is a step up in appearance from 2013’s BMW concept ninety which was retro-styled to exemplify the spirit of BMW Motorrad’s 90th anniversary. For those of you who love a sleek, modern aesthetic, the BMW concept roadster is bound to stir up some emotion. The Boxer Twin powered machine not only looks good, it can go too. Although BMW hasn’t officially released the bike’s weight, its compact build brings the sense that it shouldn’t be too heavy which if true, should produce a scintillating power to weight ratio given that the 1,170cc liquid-cooled Boxer produces an impressive 125hp and 92lb-ft of torque. The racing inspired seat, and the general rear section is perhaps the bike’s most striking features. Milled from a solitary chunk of aluminium, the rear section gives the bike a crouched, attacking shape which could be frightening for the faint-hearted. The concept is a dream for bike lovers, but unfortunately, this somewhat extreme concept is likely to have trouble getting approved for road use. 

This time round, Ducati seems to have gone for comfort and versatility more than anything. Incorporating three riding modes (urban, touring and sport), an adjustable seat and adjustable passenger grab handles; the Monster 1200 is a bike for any occasion. Safety for both the passenger and driver is also a major concern for Ducati as is made evident by the Ducati Safety Pack (DSP) which is standard along with the 9MP ABS system and the 8-level Ducati Traction Control. The Ducati Monster 1200 has a raw iconic design which appeals to the less is more’ kind of rider. At about 209kg, it is powered by a liquid-cooled, L-Twin second generation of the Testastretta 11 DS engine. With 4 valves per cylinder, and dual spark (DS) ignition which ensures quick complete combustion, the Monster’s 1198cc engine delivers a maximum of 135hp and 87lb-ft of torque which is more than enough power to get your juices flowing. Passionate riders love to take care of their bikes, but the Ducati Monster doesn’t really need all the attention, which is great. The valve clearance adjustment needs service after every 30,000km and an oil change is necessary after every 15,000km which reduces the cost of maintenance. The Ducati monster 1200 would make a great bike for everyday use.

Revealed at the Osaka motorcycle show, the Honda NM4 Vultus is one to look out for. The low, extended horizontal elements give a futuristic look which is akin to the CTX design concept. The bike is fully lit using LED and rides on an 18”, 200mm wide rear tire which gives an aggressive appearance from the back. The bikes massive front end, and a low seat at 25.59″ from the ground are definitely some of its most apparent features and add to the neo-futuristic’ look. However, at 745cc, the Honda’s twin clutch engine is a bit behind its competitors. Honda claims the concept is planned for production, though no dates were mentioned.

Car in french to english: Horse Shows True Power By Pulling Car Out Of Ditch

According to Merriam-Webster , the word horsepower is defined as one of three things. The most extravagant definition is “a unit of power equal in the U.S. to 746 watts and nearly equivalent to the English gravitational unit of the same name that equals 550 foot-pounds of work per second.” The simplest definition simply states “effective power.” For the purposes of this article, however, we turn to the first definition which unequivocally applies to this situation: “the power that a horse exerts in pulling.” Friends, that’s real horsepower, and if you’ve ever wondered what it looks like, here you go.

Bmw x6 price in india second hand: Range Rover Sport Review — The Most Dynamic SUV Of Them All!

The side profile, however, is what makes you get a true understanding at what you are driving. At almost five-metres in length, the Range Rover Sport offers immense road presence, with quite a few heads turning for a second look while driving around the city. The large 21-inch ‘diamond-turned’ alloy wheels further adds to the drama. So does the dual-tone black top above the shoulder line.The rear also features LED tail lights with dynamic turn indicators, similar to the headlamps. It also gets a spoiler integrated on the top-section of the tail gate, to further justify the ‘Sport’ badge.

Toyota cars uk prices: Toyota Camry 2019 review: a masterclass in unremarkableness

R aymond Chandler’s famous fictional private detective Philip Marlowe drove an Oldsmobile, an unremarkable but technically advanced, reliable and reasonably quick all-American automobile. When General Motors shut Olds in 2004 I marked its passing by travelling to the US, driving the old routes in Chandler’s hard-boiled fiction and interviewing a handful of private sleuths in Los Angeles and Orange County.

2 car garage for rent near me: Easton approves sale agreement with private developer to build 70-unit apartment complex

The developer’s agreement is an extensive document that includes information about the timeline for construction, how things would be handled if there’s a significant delay, how Da Vinci will take ownership of the property from the city and how the project will be paid for, Mayor Sal Panto Jr. told The Morning Call last year.

Auto xl driving school: Madonna Unveils Carnivalesque “Medellín” Music Video Featuring Maluma

Of course, 17 years and numerous musical evolutions and public Coyne episodes later, this does feel a bit like backtracking, especially lyrically. The Coyne of “Waitin’ for a Superman,” “Fight Test,” and “Do You Realize??” was pseudo-childlike in disposition but also knowing and world-weary, and it was in that synthesis that he achieved genuine profundity. On King’s Mouth , Coyne too often defaults to just the “childlike” part of that equation, especially on “Giant Baby,” on which silly refrains of “You’re the biggest baby/You’re a giant little boy” render the eventual payoff line—“And it made me understand/That life sometimes is sad”—miles less impactful than, say, “Everyone you know someday will die.” Album closer “How Can a Head” also sounds a bit like a mash-up of things Coyne has said before in less frivolous contexts: “How can a head hold so many things/All our life, all our love/All the songs it sings.”

Ev car news 2019: Global Personal Electric Vehicle Cars Market Report 2019: The 2018 $39.8 Billion Market is Projected to Reach $1.5 Trillion by 2025

1. Electric Cars Market Definition and Market Dynamics 1.1 Move to Electric Vehicles 1.1.1 Market Leaders General Motors And Toyota Stumbling In Electric Vehicle Market 1.2 Urban Shift to Upgraded Mega Cities 1.2.1 Electric Vehicle Regional Markets 1.3 Battery 1.3.1 Electric Vehicle Lithium-ion EV Battery Cathode Materials 1.3.2 Tesla Battery 1.3.3 Cobalt 1.4 EV Cost of Operation 1.4.1 EV Fuel Efficiency 1.4.2 Government Incentives for Electric Vehicles 1.4.3 Military Spending 0n Artificial Intelligence (AI) 2. Electric Cars Market Shares and Market Forecasts 2.1 Electric Cars Market Driving Forces 2.1.1 Electric Cars Market Driving Forces 2.1.2 Motor Controller 2.1.3 Electric Engine 2.1.4 Other Components of an Electric Engine 2.1.5 EV Economies of Scale 2.2 Electric Cars Market Shares 2.2.1 Electric Car Market Participants 2.2.2 Electric Car Batteries 2.3 Electric Car Market Forecasts 2.3.1 Electric Vehicle Car Segment Market Forecasts, Small, Mid-Size, Luxury. And TaaS, Shipments 2.3.2 Trucks and Busses Electric Vehicle Market Forecasts 2.4 Electric Cars Regional Market Analysis 2.4.2 Cars and Light Truck, Trucks and Busses Vehicle and Electric Vehicle Segment Market Forecasts 2.4.3 Cars and Light Truck Electric Vehicle Regional Segment Market Forecasts 3. Electric Cars: Product Description 3.1 Electric Vehicles 3.1.1 Nations and Cities Globally Moving to Electric Vehicles 3.1.2 California Seeks to Ban Gas Burning Vehicles 3.1.3 Activity worldwide for Full Phase-Out of Diesel And Gasoline Engines 3.2 EV Battery Manufacturing 3.3 Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Spending by Manufacturers 3.3.1 Transport as a Service (TaaS) 3.3.2 Charging Stations 4. Electric Cars, Vehicles, Research, and Technology 4.1 Chinese Electric Vehicles 4.2 Electric Car Features 4.3 Solid State Battery Technology 4.4 Battery Charging 4.4.1 Battery Technology Assisted by Heated Seats and Heated Steering Wheel 4.4.2 Battery Capacity of an EV 4.5 Power Supply Information Center 4.6 Lithium Ion Batteries 5. Electric Cars Trucks Company Profiles 5.1 Aston Martin 5.2 BAIC 5.2.1 BAIC Corporate Structure 5.3 BYD 5.3.1 BYD Co. Ltd. Rechargeable Batteries 5.4 BMW 5.5 Chrysler 5.6 Dongfeng 5.7 Daimler 5.8 Energica Motor Company S.P.A., 5.9 FAW Group 5.9.1 FAW-Volkswagen 5.10 Ford 5.11 JLR 5.12 Geely 5.13 GM 5.13.1 GM Bolt EV 5.13.2 GM Volt EV 5.13.3 Cadillac 5.13.4 GM Tax credit 5.13.5 SAIC General Motors Automotive/China Joint Ventures JVs 5.14 Honda 5.15 NIO 5.15.1 NIO in China 5.16 Nissan 5.16.1 Renault Nissan & Mitsubishi Alliance 5.17 Panasonic 5.18 Porsche 5.19 SAIC Motor 5.19.1 Joint Ventures SAIC-VW, SAIC-GM, and SAIC-GM-Wuling 5.19.2 SAIC Motor New Energy Vehicles (NEV) 5.19.3 GM Financial (GMF), a subsidiary of General Motors, and SAIC have established SAIC-GMF Leasing Co 5.20 Tesla 5.20.1 Tesla Revenue 5.20.2 Tesla Gigafactory 1 5.20.3 Tesla Gigafactory 2 5.20.4 Gigafactory 2 Tesla Solar Energy Systems, Renewable Energy Storage, And Energy Storage Products 5.20.5 Tesla Gigafactory 3 5.21 Thunder Power 5.22 Toyota 5.22.1 Toyota Prius Prime 5.22.2 Toyota and Panasonic 5.23 Volkswagen 5.23.1 Volkswagen E-Golf 5.23.2 Volkswagen DC Fast Charge 5.24 Volvo 5.25 Other Electric Car and Light Truck Companies

Bmw dealership near me uk: Father-of-two, 51, watches football match from deathbed after being given just weeks to live

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Amtrak auto transport: SCOTUS divided at census arguments

The U.S International Trade Commission was a lot less optimistic last week about USMCA’s projected five-year job gain, predicting the creation of only 28,000 auto industry jobs, and 176,000 new jobs across the economy. On Tuesday, White House chief economic adviser Larry Kudlow met this challenge, POLITICO’s Doug Palmer reports, by overstating the USITC’s number by a factor of nearly five. "They came out with about $68 billion increase in GDP and I think seven or 800,000 jobs," Kudlow said during a speech at the National Press Club. "I’ll call it a million just to round it up." Kudlow got the GDP estimate right, but 176,000 does not round up to a million, even if you squint. A White House official said Kudlow was using the USITC’s high-range estimate (which was 588,900). But later in the day, Susan Varga, chief of staff on the National Economic Council, said Kudlow recognized that he misspoke and wanted to set the record straight. "He meant to say ‘between 170,000 and 180,000 new jobs’ (not 7 or 800,000 jobs). He stands corrected," Varga wrote. More from POLITICO on USCMA’s potential gains here . More from Palmer here .

Car wrap near me uk: Anger at ‘insensitive’ kennels for wrapping husky in duct tape after it died

‘There was clearly so little care and empathy in the way she had been handled and dealt with since finding her. ‘There are no words to describe how upsetting and traumatic it was to carry her to the car and take her home in what seemed a completely inhuman way.’

Bmw lifespan: 3 Best Brake Rotors (2019)

Blank (also known as smooth) rotors are found on the majority of vehicles straight out of the factory. A blank rotor provides a full-face friction surface for the brake pads to clamp down on. This generates not only a lot of friction to slow down your vehicle, but also considerable heat, which can prematurely warp or wear-down braking system components. Smooth brake rotors can offer durable braking performance for thousands of miles under typical driving conditions. This type of brake rotor is inexpensive to manufacture, so shoppers will find many affordable smooth rotors to choose from.