2009 toyota xrs for sale: 2009 Toyota Corolla XRS Quick Test

“The Corolla’s like an xB sedan, yet it’s not as fun to drive,” says senior editor Ed Loh, inserting, “This thing needs thicker anti-roll bars and more damping.” As it is, the XRS rides rather rough, exhibits prevalent body roll, and houses a zealous electronic nanny. “The stability control’s warning bells ring as if you’ve just broken into Fort Knox. Why?” queries editor-at-large Arthur St. Antoine. Not helping is the new electric power steering, which, according to senior photographer Brian Vance, “Doesn’t find dead-center, is slow to react to input, and feels as organic as Sweet’N Low.” The Corolla’s interior seems inferior to others in its class, even with the leather. Add in a transmission that incessantly hunts for gears and shifts as it sees fit when in manual mode, and the Corolla comes across half-baked.