Bmw d3 alpina 2007: BMW Alpina D3 Bi-Turbo Coupe (2008) review

Not at all. How does 143g/km CO2 and 52.3mpg sound? Pretty good, when the best a 325d or 330d can do is only 49.6mpg, while puffing out 153 and 152g/km respectively. Say thank you to BMW’s Efficient Dynamics system for the Alpina’s stellar figures. The four-cylinder in the front of the D3 not only means it’s lighter than a 325d/330d but it also gets stop/start, a decoupling alternator and active aerodynamics. If you spec an automatic you lose the Efficient Dynamics tech, but you’ll still return 50.4mpg and 148g/km CO2, to the 45.6mpg and 164g/km CO2 a self-shifting 325d or 330d would deliver. There’s more, because of the  facelifted 3-series . It means Alpina now offers the D3 Bi-Turbo in saloon and estate guises, so if you’re after a diesel 3-series you’ve got to take a serious look at this Alpina. Click ‘Next’ below to read more of our Alpina BMW D3 Bi-Turbo first drive