Bmw gt 530d 2010: BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo Review

The feature list includes such amenities as cruise control, Dynamic Drive Control, a panoramic glass sunroof (optional), four-zone climate control, electronically retractable sun shades, adaptive bi-xenon headlamps, automatic tailgate operation, Comfort access, head-up display, rear view camera, satellite navigation, lumbar support, DVD changer, six-CD tuner, electronically adjustable front seats with two memory settings and lumbar support, electric tilt/slide sunroof, high-beam assist, as well as Bluetooth and USB audio interfaces.

Car alarm battery 27a 12v: Auto-Finder Review: “Dude, where’s my car?”

I got one of these for Christmas gift and was intrigued, and what I found was it is like using a metal detector. Lots of noises and variations of those noises as I did what the instructions said and moved my hand slowly to scan for my car. But what I discovered is you have to listen for that highest-pitch blip amongst all the other sounds. Once you hear it, that is the direction you need to walk in. The other thing I found is that if you really don’t know where your car is, you are completely dependent on listening for the strongest signal and it really does lead you to your car. I also found that the green arrows work better than the sounds from farther away.

Bmw gt 550i 2010: 2010 BMW 550i Gran Turismo – Instrumented Test –

If the GT’s acceleration is surprising, its agility is not. BMW’s chassis engineers have already shown us remarkable skill in mass management with the M versions of the even heavier X6 and X5, and the GT is another example, albeit not as extreme. Body motions are limited, with noticeable roll-stiffness distinctions through the three suspension presets; grip is respectable, at 0.86 g; and if the optional ($1750) four-wheel active steering lacks on-center feel, it’s a welcome feature in high-speed cornering and also makes the GT surprisingly handy at parking-lot speeds.