Bmw e32 alpina front spoiler: Alpina B3 S Boosts BMW 335i Horsepower By 33%

Now naturally since Alpina sells full automobiles rather than just tuning packages, their end product better be impressive. They claim the new B3 S sports 400-hp and 400 ft-lbs of torque, a 33.33-percent increase from the factory 300/300 figures. They don’t really elaborate on how these figures are achieved, but if we had to guess it’s pretty simple through an ECU upgrade that tosses in (safely of course) more boost and fuel to the 3.0L inline-six twin-turbo. Oh, and apparently the increased horsepower and torque comes with a side-effect of lowered emissions. We’re pretty sure that’s just negated though since you’ll just be more tempted to romp on the throttle.

Mobile auto glass repair vancouver wa: Cascade Auto Glass pleads guilty to attempted fraud

The investigation found that Cascade Auto Glass, which offers a mobile windshield replacement service and generally goes to customers’ homes, workplaces or schools, repeatedly did work in urban areas but billed insurers as if the work had been done from the rural Port Townsend area. The company’s Port Townsend location consists of a storage unit. The company does not use that location to conduct their business, according to the insurance commissioner’s office.

Bmw n52 or n53 engine: BMW’s N52 versus N53

Our recently launched F10 5-Series 523i comes with the N52 engine instead of the N53 engine. Power is 204 horses and 250Nm of torque, which is equivalent to the tune found in the Z4 sDrive23i. This is up from what the E60 523i had, but lower than what the 2.5 litre engine is actually capable of, so a little remapping trick in the future should be able to unleash those horses. The engine is older but I wouldn’t say it’s outdated as it is still in use in a few countries, not just our “ASEAN” country. USA and Australia still continues to use the N52 for the same reason that we use the N52 – high sulphur content in our gasoline. Yes, the sulphur issue is not just with our diesel.

Toyota starlet gt turbo: Toyota Starlet Sneaks Across the Border, Asks for $9,999!

Everything is described as being in excellent shape, and the pictures bear this out. That tidy condition may be due to it having but 76,000 on the clock as well as the fact that it is, after all, a Toyota. Not only that but the seller claims it to be the only one that has been imported into the U.S.. That fact does raise the question as to why the car is in this country. If one were to go to the hassle of bringing a gray market car into the states, go through all the red tape to get it legal and licensed, and then use it as a daily driver, wouldn't you expend all that effort on a forbidden fruit that was maybe a bit more exotic? Like say a Lancia Delta Integrale, or Peugeot 205 t16? Maybe, maybe not, but in this instance what pup-tented somebody's pants was a Starlet GT turbo, and, while the impetus remains undisclosed, here it does sit. Not only that but it's apparently licensed and insured to drive on the streets of Florida, just like any other Toyota. That's a big deal when dealing with surreptitiously imported cars, and while there's no guarantee that you could transfer that Florida registration to your state of denial, at least you have the Sunshine State to use as precedent in your arguments.