Bmw f650gs twin spark: BMW G 650 GS

Whereas the front wheel is controlled by torsionally rigid telescopic forks, the rear system takes the form of a solid dual swing arm of square steel sections in conjunction with a monoshock linked via a lever system. Besides the optimal riding stability up to the maximum speed of 170 km/h (power reduction 145 km/h) the new G 650 GS presents a thrilling performance of playful handling on the country road. Adequate spring travel ensures a high level of riding comfort and appealing off-road qualities despite its low seat height.

Toyota x runner supercharged 0-60: Toyota Tacoma X-Runner RTR Zero-to-60 MPH Time

There is slight frame flex in the first picture. The first picture is under power the second looks like a photo of them stopping just after the tire warm up from the burn out. There is no way the first photo is him "crawling" p to the staging light. In that photo you can see the rear tire starting to crinkle up from the traction of the take off and the front end is slightly higher than the front end of the second photo where it looks level if not also having a little bit of nose dive from what I mentioned earlier. There is nothing wrong with frame flex (excessive flex yes, but this is not excessive) , if you watch top fuel dragsters they all flex and a lot more than this Tacoma is.