Auto increment column mysql reset: Top 10 MySQL Mistakes Made By PHP Developers

MySQL has a number of database engines, but you’re most likely to encounter MyISAM and InnoDB . MyISAM is used by default. However, unless you’re creating a very simple or experimental database, it’s almost certainly the wrong choice! MyISAM doesn’t support foreign key constraints or transactions, which are essential for data integrity. In addition, the whole table is locked whenever a record is inserted or updated; this causes a detrimental effect on performance as usage grows.

Toyota iq ac problems: Toyota issues iQ recall

Points taken Mr McInnes however I cannot help but wonder if its necessary. Crash resistant bodies and air bags are something that, of course, one couldn’t possibly argue against. However, when there is such a consensus regarding the need for greener transportation I wonder why people don’t give up their power steering and air conditioning? The IQ may be heavier than a mini but, I would contend, its not so heavy as to actually need power steering. Please note that my response is not posted to merely be argumentative but rather to raise an issue that I think is important. Why are people buying the Prius which makes no ecological sense cradle to grave and yet happy to squander resources on such toys?