Auto jarov: Nákladové nádraží Žižkov: byty pro 15 tisíc lidí, nebo kulturní památka?

Opozin zastupitel naopak jej vyuitvid jako reln. "Jak potvrzuj nzory odbornk, napklad historika architektury Zdeka Lukee, cel arel bude mon pemnit na multifunkn komplex, kde by mohly bt nekomern prostory, jako jsouvstavn sn, ateliry i kluby. Stejn tak by tam mohly bt byty, kancele nebo i obchody, stoj v dopise zaslanm ministrovi kultury, pod kterm jsou podepsni zastupitel ze Strany zelench, SSD i KSM.

Toyota ractis review: Toyota-based Subaru Trezia hatchback headed to Europe

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Toyota zelas 2011 specifications: So we got a 2011 Toyota Zelas

Why did they bother trying to make a 3-seat bench for the rear seating? Fail! I see they’re trying to follow ‘function-over-form’ by the long wheelbase to accommodate rear passengers. Maybe the design would have been a win if the wheelbase (and overall length) of the car was shorter. But this is a humiliating fail. How did Toyota even think of getting this out into the world?