Toyota raum 2007 specs: Why Does My New Car Have No Temp Gauge?

There’s a lot of misinformation in question-and-answer sites about revving an engine when cold. For the truth here, look at nearly any vehicle owner’s manual; most advise against not revving an engine too high when cold, for good reason. The alloy parts of an engine don’t fit together in quite the same way until fully warm, and the oil pump has to work especially hard to get oil into the smallest spaces when the oil is thicker.

Toyota zelas 2015 price in uae: Road Test: Toyota to make rivals jealous of the Zelas

The six-speed automatic works well – when you leave it in auto mode. It doesn’t delay in kicking down a cog when needed and the sport mode will keep the revs higher for more lively driving. You can also shift on your own, via either the gear shifter or the paddle shifters behind the wheel. But here’s where I found a problem: bumping the paddles from fourth to fifth and fifth to sixth resulted in, well, nothing. The engine revs just kept climbing until near redline, despite my flicking and flicking the upshift paddle, until finally it settled into the higher gear. I tried it many times, my knuckles white with pressure, but it just didn’t want to change gears. I finally just gave up and left it in auto. Strangely, a manual gearbox won’t be an option in the UAE; shame, because that would just make this car more fun to drive.