Auto dermoplasty: The resurrection of Knut: Model of celebrity polar bear, made using his actual pelt, goes on display two years

The museum is keen to stress that Knut has not been stuffed. Rather, a replica of the bear was made, based on Knut’s skeleton, in one of his favourite poses, and this was covered with the creature’s pelt, in a procedure known as dermoplasty.

Bmw r1200gs review 2013: 2013 BMW R1200GS- First Ride Review- Photos- Specs

For me, the highlight of the new, more adjustable ergonomics package is the windscreen that can be cranked up or down (1.6 total turns) with a big knob on the dash. Airflow was much better and smoother in all positions. But we can’t ignore the wider, stiffer handlebar that can be rotated to land the grips an inch higher—a nice touch for the likes of my 6-foot-2 frame and long primate arms. The new seat proved comfortable after a long day. It’s narrower at the front as well as being lower in both of its height settings (33.5 or 34.3 inches; lower and higher options are available), and also can be adjusted for fore and aft tilt. Additionally, the bike itself is narrower at the waist, reducing the reach to the ground. Footpegs are closer together and therefore were lowered without reducing cornering clearance. An interesting note: The passenger seat can be easily located fore or aft in its mounts, which is nice for the second rider but it also functions as a movable bolster for the person at the controls.