Toyota ipsum 2004 fuel consumption: Uganda

Down to the ride and mechanics; the Ipsum handles well with a firm ride especially round the corners. It has plenty of grip during high-speed manoeuvres. Driving through Kololo, the 2004 Ipsum responded well to high-speed turns. It pulled through satisfactorily with ample power as I accelerated up Prince Charles drive with four adults in it. It also has a 4WD system, which is a plus for our pothole-ridden roads.

Auto increment field in sqlite: Build a Windows Store App Using SQLite

The DataAccess project is now fully configured to utilize SQLite within the Windows Runtime. Now, to resume implementation of the DataAccess layer. Add a new folder named Entities to the DataAccess project, then add a new class file to the Entities folder named Contact. The Contact class will be used to model a Contact record within the application and the SQLite database. Start out by adding an Id integer property as well as FirstName, LastName and Email properties to the Contact class. Then override the ToString implementation to return "LastName, FirstName".

Toyota yaris 2008 review philippines: Subcompact twin test: Toyota Vios and Toyota Yaris

Both the Yaris and Vios are in their second generations, and both top-model variants are powered by the 1NZ-FE 4-cylinder, twin-cam 16-valve engine with Toyota’s VVT-i or variable valve timing with intelligence, producing a modest 108 HP for the Yaris and 107 HP for the Vios and 14.5 Nm of torque. The difference is probably down to slight differences in ECU programming and possibly the exhaust path as the Yaris, with its hatchback body and slightly shorter exhaust coming straight from Thailand, whereas the Vios, with its 4-door sedan body and slightly longer exhaust is made locally in Santa Rosa, Laguna. Despite the small discrepancy in power, the curve is identical as both cars produce a strong low to midrange grunt, tapering off towards redline, using low-octane unleaded fuel. Both cars are capable of handling as much as 10 percent ethanol in most blended fuels according to insiders at Toyota, but to date, Toyota has been silent about how ethanol-blended fuels can impact their vehicle’s performance. Mated to the engine is either a 5-speed manual or a 4-speed automatic. FEATURED STORIES BUSINESS ICTSI disputes GSIS claim on 67-ha land BUSINESS SEC makes permanent cease-and-desist order vs KAPA BUSINESS ‘All’ hands on board Villar shows it can be done

Bmw e90 battery cable recall: BMW: 570,000 recalled cars need cable fix

The cable connectors and a fuse box terminal in the cars can degrade over time, and that can break the electrical connection between the trunk-mounted battery and the fuse box at the front. If that happens, the cars could lose electrical power, causing the engines to stall unexpectedly, the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said in documents posted on its website Saturday.

Auto dermoplasty: The resurrection of Knut: Model of celebrity polar bear, made using his actual pelt, goes on display two years

The museum is keen to stress that Knut has not been stuffed. Rather, a replica of the bear was made, based on Knut’s skeleton, in one of his favourite poses, and this was covered with the creature’s pelt, in a procedure known as dermoplasty.

Toyota land cruiser gebrauchtwagen deutschland: If Only Everything In Life Was As Reliable As A Volkswagen… A Future Writer Story.

Very good article. This got the VW bashers on their toes. Everyone talks about Toyota & Honda being the most reliable cars on the road. No one mentions broken wiring harness in the front doors so the window stop working Engine oil leaks or Honda transmissions & cat converters that go bad. For some reason these repairs are forgotten when they keep the cars for 10 years. I have worked on many Asian cars and they have their problems also. Over the years i have owned over 70 cars. I usually only keep a car a few years and if i can i flip it for a better car. The one car that stands out is a 1986 Toyota Camry that i purchased with 83,000 miles on the clock and gave to my son in law. He used it to drive to his Harlem station house. That car broke down 3 times in Harlem coming and going and one time he had to pull his gun to keep from getting hurt. He put the car up for sale and someone called to look at it. He went out to the garage to be sure the car would start which it did and went back in the house for coffee. 15 minutes later he noticed smoke coming down the driveway and noticed the car was on fire. Got the fire out but long story short the follow bought the car but my son in law did not speak to me for 6 months. He has been driving dodge mini vans since and is very happy. Cars are cars not all are bad not all are good. As far as VW GTI being only sold to younger drivers i am on my second VW GTI and love it. I am now 76 years old and my wife also drives a 4 door GTI. And by the way the VW dealer i deal with is worth his weight in gold. I go there for my 10,000 mile service and they do very nice work. I guess in the end you drive what turns you on. Life is short enjoy yourself.

Autonation honda tucson used cars: Dobbs Honda to be renamed AutoNation Honda | News

Not all of the company’s dealerships will be rebranded. Dealerships selling premium brands such as BMW Tucson, 855 W. Wetmore Road, will continue to operate under their existing names. All totaled, AutoNation says the rebranding will involve its mass-market brand dealerships, which represent 80 percent of its 264 locations in 17 states.

2012 bmw alpina b7 xdrive: 2013 BMW Alpina B7 LWB xDrive Test – Review –

Despite its test numbers, the B7 doesn’t feel particularly quick. Perhaps the larger turbos have added some lag, or the tuning of the electronic throttle is too relaxed. That and transmission ratios that are significantly taller than the old six-speed automatic’s conspire to make the car feel oddly sluggish at times. Ease onto the gas at 50 mph, and the pedal can move one-quarter of its travel before anything noticeable happens. The laziness is also apparent from a stop: Simply floor it, as we do in our 5-to-60-mph test, and the B7 is actually a couple of tenths slower than the old model. Even in cars such as this, it seems, fuel economy trumps performance, and the lovely, even swell of thrust you expect in powerful top-shelf sedans seems to be absent.

C++ auto iterator reverse: Stephan T. Lavavej

@STL cool video, really liked the mix of entry lvl and high lvl stuff. One small complaint is that IMHO you should have explained … syntax a bit since it is quite new and expert lvl. :) As a Haskell expert with 10x5min tutorial experience I just look at it as head and tail, but Im not sure if Im right. BTW I remember you talking in old old video how one of your first custom functions that you write in a project is erase-remove wrapper. 1 )Do you have some other functions or idioms you like to write? 2 ) I ask because Im often quite irritated by if (it!=v.end()) so I thought about writing container_find and container_find_if that return boost::optional of container iterator, so usage is auto it = container_find_if(v, [](const double d){ return d >42.0;}) if (it) {//use it} do you have any strong reasons why I shouldnt use this wrapper. Ignore that it is not standard and that I cant make it work atm. :) If you ask why I dont make algorithm a template param- some smart ppl said it cant be done aka this is impossible: auto it = container_alg(std::find, v, [](const….

Bmw r1200gs review 2013: 2013 BMW R1200GS- First Ride Review- Photos- Specs

For me, the highlight of the new, more adjustable ergonomics package is the windscreen that can be cranked up or down (1.6 total turns) with a big knob on the dash. Airflow was much better and smoother in all positions. But we can’t ignore the wider, stiffer handlebar that can be rotated to land the grips an inch higher—a nice touch for the likes of my 6-foot-2 frame and long primate arms. The new seat proved comfortable after a long day. It’s narrower at the front as well as being lower in both of its height settings (33.5 or 34.3 inches; lower and higher options are available), and also can be adjusted for fore and aft tilt. Additionally, the bike itself is narrower at the waist, reducing the reach to the ground. Footpegs are closer together and therefore were lowered without reducing cornering clearance. An interesting note: The passenger seat can be easily located fore or aft in its mounts, which is nice for the second rider but it also functions as a movable bolster for the person at the controls.