Toyota sai 2014 price: Toyota’s refreshed Sai is a Lexus HS by any other name

1 Plastic made from plant material 2 Toyota established its first Toyota Environmental Action Plan in 1993, as a means of implementing concrete initiatives that reflect the policy expressed in the 1992 Toyota Earth Charter. As part of the Third Toyota Environmental Action Plan (2001-2005), the Toyota Recycle Vision was established in 2003. 3 Available as an option in the G-grade and G-grade “A package” models 4 Standard in G-grade and G-grade “A package” models 5 Standard in G-grade and G-grade “A package” models; available as an option in S-grade and S-grade “C package” models 6 Specially equipped vehicles to assist the needs of the elderly, the disabled, and others who require extra care or support

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Toyota held an event in Ypsilanti, Michigan this week called the Toyota Hybrid World Tour , similar to the recent Nissan 360 event where the company displayed its foreign market forbidden fruit. I didn’t realize what a Big Deal the THWT was until I arrived at the hotel & conference center. I had thought that it was just some kind of ride & drive event but in fact it was a major corporate level promotion by Toyota. For the first time in history the company gathered in one place every one of its hybrid vehicles sold around the world, along with a few alternative energy prototypes and some history, including an example of the first Prius sold in the Japanese domestic market. Toyota also gathered high ranking executives like North American chief Bob Carter from California and Toyota Managing Officer Satoshi Ogiso from Toyota City. Ogiso is in charge of global product development and chassis engineering for the entire company as well as being the Chief Engineer for the Prius program. Regular readers of TTAC will know just how important chief engineers are in the Toyota hierarchy and Ogiso is more or less the chief engineer for all of Toyota in addition to the Prius.  He was a member of Toyota’s G21 team, out of which developed the first Prius. Though new Toyota Chairman Takeshi Uchiyamada didn’t attend, he did record remarks prepared for the journalists in attendance.