Bmw e60 headlights led: BMW Laser Headlights Slice Through the Dark

The production version will have up to four Class 4 blue-laser diodes. Collimating lenses will direct their beams onto a phosphorus plate that will convert the laser beams to white light, which will bounce off secondary optics and reflect onto the road. To show me how it works, here in the night simulator lab, Erdl dips a phosphorus wafer into a blue laser beam. The wafer blocks some laser photons and lets others stream through. Among the blocked photons, some stimulate—or “pump”—the phosphorus atoms to emit yellow light. The mix of blue light streaming through and yellow emitted from within produces brilliant white light. It’s the basic technique used, at lower intensities, in most white-light-emitting LEDs.

Bmw f10 specs malaysia: BMW 520i, 520d and 528i M Sport facelift launched in Malaysia

Without doubt it is a car that I enjoy driving. Every day I look forward to driving my 528i M Sport to the office – a 60 km drive on the Elite highway. The pains come when the car cannot be driven. In 2 years since using the 528i M Sport, I have had a lot of pains and worries: 1. the software gives wrong fault indication – battery not charging; ignition key not in the car; etc. etc; 2. Just reaching 100000km milestone, the car is diagnosed to have defective engine mounting, steering rack needs to be replaced and the driver side door actuator is faulty. Now the car is in the workshop for 5 days; 3. I had many more worries using the brand new F10 528i M Sport since 2013. I even prayed that the car got stolen so that I can get insurance money or replacement car. I even coin a new meaning for BMW. It means Bring More Worries. BMW = Bring More Worries Still I would love to drive a Bimmer. No other car comes close yet…perhaps I should try a Lexus