Toyota passo price in bd: The City Car Revisited

Inside you’ll find a regular Passo with a fancy RPM gauge sitting on top of the dashboard. Standard Passos don’t come with an RPM gauge, hence the separation. All else is clearly the usual plastic in a layout as basic as it gets, a standard factory CD player, a working air conditioner and nothing trying to look like something it’s not. The amount of space in this tiny little car really is astonishing. You’ll be able to fit four and a half full sized adults comfortably, and still have space to keep a few bags between your legs. The inline three-cylinder engine is no brute but provides excellent fuel economy. It is the same unit from the Vitz we drove two weeks back, except that this has a three speed automatic gearbox instead of the CVT. Throttle response is damp as expected of such a small engine, but peak torque is at the low end of the RPM range meaning, you can get on the power instantly for manoeuvring in traffic. Small engines do tend to be a little noisy and jittery; however, the overall ride is quite smooth and cushioned. It’s a fun and easy car to drive around town, it’ll go as fast as you’ll ever need it to go, gets into tight spaces and has character all the while. You always know you’re driving a compact, good looking car.