Bmw 520d b47 remap: The New B47 Engine and BMW 520d (190 hp) and 518d (150 hp)

Further development of the eight-speed Steptronic transmission for improved efficiency, raised comfort levels and enhanced dynamics. Another common theme of the new diesel-engined BMW 5 Series variants is the positive influence of the eight-speed Steptronic transmission on performance and fuel economy. The latest update of the automatic transmission has been tuned precisely to the performance characteristics of the new-generation power units. Further improvements to internal efficiency and longer gear ratios open up additional efficiency potential. An rpm-linked vibration damper with engine-specific tuning allows economical driving at low revs to be combined with increased driving and acoustic comfort. In addition, converter slip during gear changes has been further reduced. The updated eight-speed Steptronic transmission also offers a predictive shift strategy, which works in conjunction with the car’s navigation system – even when the route guidance is not active – to ensure that gear changes are timed precisely according to the driving situation at hand. Based on navigation data, the gearbox identifies and takes into account an approaching corner, intersection, roundabout or motorway slip road. If the vehicle is approaching an intersection or a bend, for example, it changes down early to the most appropriate gear, making optimum use of the engine braking effect. The gearbox then shifts to the optimal gear to accelerate dynamically out of the bend. Furthermore, interaction with the navigation system allows unnecessary gear changes between two successive bends to be avoided.

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