1999 bmw r1100rt parts: 1999–2005 BMW R1100S | SMART MONEY

The R1100S’s Paralever rear end, which pivoted on the engine on previous models, was instead attached to an aluminum subframe that bolted to the rear of the powertrain. The Telelever front end got a “Light” treatment with lighter components and machined fork sliders with a sporty USD look. Quicker steering geometry was implemented to compensate for the 58.1-inch wheelbase. Even so, it’s a large, relatively heavy motorcycle—let’s call it 540 pounds wet—that requires a fair amount of effort to turn, though it’s rock solid once set on a line through a corner. Still, it’s no hooligan bike by anyone’s standard. The term “gentleman’s express” is appropriate to describe both the bike and the riding style it rewards.

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