Bmw connecteddrive login deutschland: Your BMW just downloaded a security patch

Have a BMW, Mini or Rolls Royce with the ConnectedDrive feature parked in your driveway? Maybe all three? Well, it turns out there was a bug that allowed ne’er-do-wells to manipulate it — entirely wirelessly. According to Reuters , by simulating a fake phone network researchers at German outfit ADAC (essentially Deutschland’s AAA) were able to gain access to systems governed by the platform’s SIM card by spoofing a cell tower. They’ve even put together a video describing the gap in security which you can check out after the break — if you speak German. While the vulnerabilities didn’t include anything related to steering, acceleration or braking, the ConnectedDrive does have access to traffic information, air conditioning and… door locks.

Toyota vellfire hybrid zr: Toyota Alphard and Vellfire JDM minivans look weirder than ever

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Toyota yaris hybrid review 2014: On the road: Toyota Yaris Hybrid – car review

Still, mine came with not only a parking sensor but a camera, which came into its own when reversing into the spot I’d usually drive straight past, filing under “not a chance, sunshine”. I’d taken my 84-year-old neighbour shopping, and had nipped into Max Spielmann to pick up Enid’s prints (she has an iPad but she’s not ready for digital photography). When I got back, she was sitting still as a statue in the passenger seat. “It started going by itself,” she said, “I decided not to move a muscle in case it lurched forward.” I saw what she meant when she popped in to a friend’s house while I waited outside, having put the automatic gear stick into “P” mode but not pressed the stupid power button. Suddenly it reared into life, giving me a right fright. I won’t be upgrading.

Bmw e65 wheel bolt size: QOTD: When Did BMW Lose Its Edge?

1. As a car they have never been cheap to buy and have only gotten more expensive to maintain, so failure number one was as maintenance became a non-driver option (hint: removing the dip stick!) 2. iDrive and the whole let’s move the knobs around in every model to screw with anyone who might want to buy a second BMW. I detest iDrive and my BMW purchasing days are over as long as BMW keeps selling cars with iDrive. Transitioning from the cockpit of an E46 to any newer model BMW is a nightmare. There are a few minor improvements (such as a permanent dashboard clock and temperature gauge) but overall it has been a huge step backwards. Even the cruise control is less intuitive. I had a loaner E92 series while my E46 was in the shop for a week. At the end of the week, I was gradually getting the hang of the setup (except for the forenamed iDrive POS) and was starting to have some positive feelings about the loaner car when I returned it. As soon as I sat down in my familiar E46, I completely forgot about any positives of the E92 and beamed a smile of contentment for being back in my E46. BMW needs to take note of this. 3. The F**king electronics of the Borg. The most dreaded words to hear from a BMW technician “…we need to replace one of the electronic modules…” It is impossible to have an electronic component serviced at a good third party shop and everything is electronic now. Even worse a BMW electrical problem is at least a $ 500 (more like a kilobuck) repair. 4. The weight of luxury. BMW engineering when examined by the numbers is squeezing better mileage and better mechanicals out of the car (not reliability). Unfortunately the over engineering is going into adding luxury features, usually more electronic features that breakdown and just add weight to a BMW. There is no reason for an E92 to weigh so much more than the old E46, except for crappy electronic luxury features. If BMW would just make a performance version then it would have a real car (again).

Auto update statistics asynchronously 2016: Importance of Statistics and How It Works in SQL Server – Part 2

As a DBA, have you ever come across a situation where your users start reporting that queries are running slowly? If a user is running a new query with a different set of columns than before, you might have to look for index strategies. But if a user is running the same old query, which ran in an acceptable amount of time earlier but is now taking significantly longer, this might be because of stale or out-of-date statistics on the columns of the table being used in the query. There are certain operations after which you need to ensure statistics are up-to-date for the predictable query response time, for example, when you are performing some operations that change distribution of data significantly, such as truncating a table or performing a bulk insert of a large percentage of the rows or delete a large number of rows etc.

Car logos with wings and names: Behind the Badge: The Fascinating History of the Mazda Logo

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Bmw r1200gs specs 2015: 2015 BMW R1200GS Adventure Review | Mastodon Evolution

Additionally, the Enduro Pro setting disconnects the linked braking, allowing the rear brake to be locked up with the rear brake pedal while still preserving the off-road ABS optimized for knobby tires. For those of us who love to steer with the rear wheel with inputs from the right-side extremities — namely the throttle hand and rear foot pedal—the Enduro Pro mode is an off-road hooligan’s dream. It is perhaps not so practical when the objective of the adventure is arriving to the destination, but the Enduro Pro setting is an exhilarating option if you’ve scheduled in a play day.

Autonation honda roseville california: Dealership adjusts as traffic changes course

To help decide who goes where, the dealership uses a computer-based test to gauge employees’ aptitude for certain tasks. The score indicates whether an associate is better suited for the showroom floor — where he or she must be ready to answer shoppers’ questions, analyze prospective buyers’ needs, be personable on a test drive and discuss numbers and financing professionally — or for the phone or Internet, which requires good phone manners and the organizational skills to stay on top of email chains that can stretch to 30 messages, Ardissone said.

Auto bild sportscars wahl 2017: BMW i8 mit 500 PS: 2016

Welch ein cooles Geburtstagsgeschenk! Der BMW i8S verbindet den sportlichen Charme des unvergessenen M1 mit der Effizienz des Project-i-Topmodells. Fans der weiß-blauen Marke, die mal eben  250.000 Euro übrig haben, dürfen sich freuen. Weil die Auflage auf 100 Stück begrenzt ist, sollte BMW unbedingt zeitnah den noch aufregenderen M8 nachschieben.

Auto body toolmart reviews: How To Rebuild Door Hinges

Left unchecked, minor inconveniences will usually become major problems in a short amount of time. Such is the case with door hinges. Imagine how many times we open and close our car doors. Because they swing so easily, we tend to forget just how heavy a door is. Loaded with glass and regulators, car doors can approach 100 pounds, and that entire load is carried by two pins in the hinges. Even the best of them will wear out, and when they do, the door is misaligned at best—or won’t close at all. Such was the case with this 1999 Suburban we use from time to time as a tow vehicle. The driver-side door hinges were so badly worn, the door would no longer close. We actually toured a few local junkyards looking for replacement hinge parts, but ultimately decided to replace the bushings and pins with new parts from our local Chevrolet dealership. The owner of this Suburban got quotes from body shops that ranged between $250 and $500 to repair the hinges. We rebuilt both front hinges in an afternoon and spent next to nothing on parts. It’s nice to come out money ahead.