Toyota trueno for sale in bangladesh: Autoart Trueno AE86

Autoart is legendary for building insanely detailed models. Only thing they don’t do is put in a real working engine. This particular model has working suspension, steering, accurately scaled hood support stand, seat belts and so on. Those little things make for an intense display model. It further features an insanely detailed engine bay, actual struts holding up the rear hatch and working pop up headlights. We’re in love with this lovely piece of scale art. Most petrolheads love this car and want one especially since the Initial D anime was released. There the lead character drives one of these and beats the likes of R32 Skylines, FD RX7 and Evos. Bad luck if you are a Bangladeshi wanting a real AE86. There are only two life-size AE86 Truenos in Bangladesh and we can’t import any old cars. So if you want one, this scale size is your best bet.  Autoart also makes the Initial D anime version with added changes like an upgraded engine, racing bucket seat for the driver and the now famous Fujiwara Tofu Shop decal emblazoned on the side.

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