Toyota funcargo 2004: Lemon or Lemonade?: A Visit to Yokosuka’s Vehicle Resale Lot

I was in the Air Force & am all too familiar with the “lemon lots”. I was never stationed in Japan but did do some overseas assignments overseas & yeah, it was no big deal to just buy something cheap on the lemon lot, use it, sell it for something else, move on. I’m not sure if this is a problem in Japan but on many military bases abandoned vehicles are another big issue. If military members can’t sell their car, or if the cars have too many problems they’ll either give them away or simply abandon them with or without the keys in them. Eventually they’ll be discovered or considered abandoned & auctioned off or junked if they’re in really bad shape. When I was stationed in Hawaii, I knew a guy who had a ’95 Corsica & a super low-mileage ’58 Impala. When he got orders & was reassigned to San Antonio, TX he of course shipped the Impala to Texas with him(if stationed anywhere besides Japan, the US Government will ship 1 vehicle per military member free of charge). Meanwhile, he had no luck selling or even giving away the Corsica (even young, broke military members didn’t want to be seen driving such a car!)so when he left it in a parking lot where it sat under a tree for 9 months. Keys & all. eventually it got so full of sap that people noticed it was there way too long & got corralled with other abandoned cars for auction.