Set id auto increment postgresql: How to Use JSON Data Fields in MySQL Databases

In my article SQL vs NoSQL: The Differences , I mentioned the line between SQL and NoSQL databases has become increasingly blurred with each camp adopting features from the other. MySQL 5.7 InnoDB and PostgreSQL 9.4 databases both directly support JSON document types in a single field. In this article, we’ll examine MySQL’s JSON implementation in more detail.

Autonation honda sanford: How 3 women executives rose to the top in Orlando’s auto industry

Throughout, she stayed focused on her goal: to outperform coworkers. Looking past discomfort and distractions also ensured Miller an invite to meetings, car showings and other male-dominated gatherings. She never tried to be a man in a man’s world, or even a buddy. Nor did she continually remind anyone of her gender.

Autozone distribution center jobs lexington tn: AutoZone hiring 100 new employees in Lexington

“Lexington was hit especially hard by the recession, and we are just beginning to recover,” Jowers said. “But this is big for a community like Lexington, which is a livable community with a trained workforce or trainable workforce with a great school system.”

Toyota surf 1998 for sale in islamabad: Pakistani tribal leader Malik Jalal flies to UK over US ‘kill list’

It states that the UK has been a key, long-standing partner in America’s ‘shoot to kill’ policy in Afghanistan and Pakistan, targeting not only alleged terrorists, but also supposed drug traffickers, and earmarking them for drone and missile strikes – often on the basis of unsubstantiated ‘intelligence’ which has never been tested in court.

Toyota passo fuel consumption: 2016 Toyota Passo unveiled with class-leading fuel economy

The all-new hatchback is available in two trim models, each one having a unique exterior design. Starting with the entry-level X, the front fascia gets wraparound halogen headlights, black grill and a trapezoidal air intake on the lower bumper. Meanwhile, the Moda gets circular HID headlights, black hexagon grill with chrome trim, foglights and wider air intake on the bumper. In addition, the Moda's B- and C-pillars get a blacked-out finish.

Toyota carina for sale in bangladesh: A tale of three 90’s

Another worthy contender is S.M. Fahim Rifat’s brutal E90 powered by the 1.8L VVTL-I engine offered in the sporty variants of the 9th generation Corolla and Celica GT-S. He had this car for the last 23 years, and on 2006 he did a 4A-GE 20v Silvertop conversion following an E90 which inspired him the year before that. But the chapter doesn’t end there, he wanted it to be the fastest one of its kind in Dhaka, so fast-forward 9 years and this car is boasting a 2ZZ-GE swap, the first and only one ever done to a 6th gen Corolla. The owner didn’t even bother to put in creature comforts such as power windows or stereo. The particular car might not have the most fun-factor or attitude of the “4A-GE” but you forgive its kinks when the mile meter climbs so rapidly. It’s also the most economical of the bunch too, covering 12-14 kilometers per liter of octane if you short-shift it. And when that becomes too boring, you have at the disposal of your right foot 190 BHP and 8400 revs to play with. 

Neverwet car cover walmart: 8 Secret Ways to Save at Walmart

Home & Cook takes up to 85% off a selection of All-Clad factory-second cookware during its VIP Factory Seconds Sale. (Enter your email address to view the sale.) Even better, get a free All-Clad Asparagus Pot with orders of $249.99 or more. Plus, all orders receive free shipping . (It’s advertised as $5.95 flat-rate shipping, but it’s not currently charging for it.) That yields huge savings on this cookware, with many items costing only a fraction of the price most major retailers charge. Note: These factory-second items may show minor cosmetic blemishes or dents, but there will be no defects that affect performance. All items are final sale.

Auto union 1000s coupe for sale: Electric 1960 Auto Union 1000S has vintage looks, modern power

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Bmw tissue box cover: Best Places in Your Car to Put a Tissue Box

Really, tissues are far more important than your morning coffee. You can probably use one every trip you take in your car. Maybe you thought of your recently deceased cat, or that rainbow off in the distance is triggering your tear ducts, or perhaps the motorists on the road are so courteous that you can’t help but cry. More realistically, tissues are great for getting your hands clean after devouring a whole burrito while driving, or for blowing your nose, since you declined to clean your car’s cabin air filter and it’s now blowing dust and other garbage through the car.