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February 5, 2010 Tax increases on wealthy and corporations win in landslide • A labor ‘look back’ over Obama’s first year in office • Labor’s message to lawmakers: Good Jobs, Now! • UFCW Local 555 ratifies Portland grocery pacts • Portland parking meter techs win fight against outsourcing • Soccer stadium deal comes with union neutrality and living wage commitments • Housing Authority to import windows for apartment weatherization project • Labor bills in the mix as lawmakers return to Salem • Honduran union leaders tells of labor’s struggle against coup • Airport screeners in nationwide campaign to unionize • Attorney general tells Labor Law crowd he will fight to defend Worker Freedom Act • PGE proposes to change — or close — Boardman coal plant • Kitzhaber picks up more union endorsements • Driving in Oregon? Keep your hands off your phone • Electrical Workers Minority Caucus meets, and volunteers, in Portland • Laborers’ Gary Moore re-elected to Portland Metal Trades Council post

Carmax reviews raleigh nc: Tuesday at the CarMax Auction

And they might not even stay in the lane for half of that. We clocked the entry-to-exit times of many cars at 15 seconds or less. (Bidding doesn’t necessarily start when the car enters the lane, nor does it end when the car exits. Or as CarMax explains to dealers, “You’re bidding on taillights,” Bostain said.)   The 100-percent sale rate isn’t some wild anomaly. In fact, CarMax Auctions hit a 97 percent average auction sales rate in fiscal-year 2016.

Bmw z8 alpina roadster for sale: 2003 BMW Z8 Alpina V8 Roadster Sold at Auction for $329,000

On the ALPINA side of things, the German automaker decided to introduce a toned down version, that focused more on luxury and cruising than hardcore driving experiences. Being equipped with a 4.8-liter engine from the 5 Series ALPINA B10 V8 S and an ALPINA-specified ZF five-speed ‘Switchtronic’ automatic transmission with paddle-shift operation, the Roadster had  375 HP on tap but a bit more torque at lower revs, which better suited the automatic transmission. Top speed was limited to 161mph, with 60mph coming up in 5.0 seconds, only a couple of tenths slower than the original Z8.

Bmw e30 convertible top replacement: Buying a Convertible: Softtop or Hardtop?

I know firsthand how difficult it can be to choose the right used or new convertible. Chances are your process started by considering one of the most important drop-top purchasing factors: hardtop or softtop? Both models have their pros and cons though, in my case, I picked a softtop with a removable hardtop. From price and cargo space to maintenance costs and how quick that top drops, there are plenty of things to consider when purchasing a convertible. Here are four reasons to go with a softtop over a hardtop and four reasons why that hardtop may be worth a few extra dollars.

Cara auto refresh chrome android: How to manage downloads in Chrome for Android

That’s it, sort and remove options, also tap to open. And share after you select a file or more. Not even search, let alone pause download, etc. I’d appreciate if it had a clear list button, but it doesn’t. And if you don’t move the file from Downloads folder it also deletes it when you remove the entry from downloads manager. The way I discovered this was a bit infuriating as I had to redownload some files.. Also no select all button, I have to tap on each file, all 100 of them if needed, to select then remove them.

Bmw vision next 100 price in india: Driverless concept car, a look at the BMW Vision Next 100

To hand over to their on-board autopilot, the driver needs to touch the BMW logo in the centre of the steering wheel, and fully-automated driving will be activated in Ease Mode. The Companion now takes over all driving duties and steers you safely and securely on your way. Following the switch to Ease Mode, the Companion sculpture on the dashboard connects to the car’s windscreen and illuminates blue-white. This acts as a visual contact for other road users and signals that the vehicle is now operating in fully-automated driving mode.

Bmw 420i b48 tuning: Read the full BMW 4 Series 2016 review

While our test was brief and held in less than ideal road conditions, the large-wheeled 4 Series really didn’t enamour themselves to this author. There’s a distinct lack of communication from the tyres and chassis through the steering wheel and your backside, while the combination of firm Sport shocks and large 19-inch wheels with narrow-section tyres made for an uncomfortable ride over country roads.

Extreme car driving games y8: Powerful Aerial Photographs Illustrate Social Inequality in South Africa

magic story very thanks younglolitas pics What the new model adds is a good number of particularly useful new ideas: S Note, the notetaking programme is now accompanied by ‘Action Memo’. This is one of the options you can choose immediately you extract – with some difficulty – the stylus from the back of the device. It allows users to, say, write an email address and then get the device to recognise it and pop it straight into the ‘To’ field of an email; write a phone number and it will take you straight to the dialler; write a postcode and it can take you straight to a map. These are genuine time-saving features that make the most of accurate handwriting recognition and instant access to the internet, although why notes and memos are different is a moot point. By and large, though, the menu that appears as soon as you extract the ‘S Pen’ stylus makes the Note easier to use than its predecessor.

Toyota verso 2015 review: Toyota Verso review: better than a Vauxhall Zafira?

The Toyota Verso’s strength is also its biggest weakness: its size. On the outside, its dimensions make it one of the easiest MPVs around to drive. On the inside, though, they mean it feels cramped in places. It’s very safe, though, and it’s bound to be reliable, and it’s also pretty comfortable too. If only it was more economical, it’d be a solid, sensible choice; as it stands, though, you have to live with its thirst if you want to enjoy its benefits. 

Bmw m52 turbo kit: Subtle In Black: The Turbo E30 Built To Seduce

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