2016 bmw electronic parts catalog etk: News New BeamNG.Drive update adds new car, tweaked physics & more

Automotive Esports are finding their stride, with investment from Formula One and MotoGP moving the genre forward and finally displaying the potential many of us within automotive gaming already knew existed. The investment making for professionally delivered coverage and player profiles that draw in audiences while also opening the door to the world of real […]

Toyota aqua 2016 g grade: Car Review: 2016 Toyota Prius C

As it does on the bigger Prius, the hybrid system switches automatically and continually between gasoline, electricity or a combination of the two, depending on what’s needed. Come to a stop and the engine shuts off, although all functions such as lights, stereo and climate control continue to run. The hybrid battery recharges through regenerative braking, harnessing otherwise wasted energy when slowing down, or via the gasoline engine if necessary; the car can’t be plugged into a wall outlet.

Bmw z10 bike: Yamaha FZ-10 motorcycle review with price, horsepower and photo gallery

The Yamaha Chip-Controlled Throttle allows you to set the drive mode to control throttle response to one of three levels, Standard being the least jumpy. We still thought it was a little too jumpy in that mode. Linearity is our friend in throttles. Traction control can also be adjusted via a handlebar-mounted switch to one of four settings, including off. We rode in Level 2 most of the day — medium intervention — and were fine with it. Under really heavy braking entering some of The Tail’s decreasing-radius turns, we felt the rear end getting a little squirrely, no doubt magnifying our less-than-Valentino-esque braking, but we kept it together each time and never crossed a center line. We never got to the point where we felt the ABS doing anything, either, so maybe we weren’t pushing hard enough. The FZ just ate up the turns, we’d throw it over on one side, power through then roll it right over to the other side and do the same. Lather, rinse, repeat, for 11 miles. The mighty  Bridgestone  Battlax Hypersport S20 W tires — front 120/70 ZR17, rear 190/55 ZR17 — could have done a lot more than we were capable of doing with them. They were made just for the FZ-10 (we refuse to say “bespoke”) and are plastered with potential. Gotta go back and ride more.  As it was, oh man, it was fun, fun, fun till our daddy took the FZ awaaaay.

Advance auto vacuum tester: Tune Your Vacuum Advance for Better Drivability

There are several ways to get there. We could just add more initial timing, such as 20 degrees and then bring 14 degrees of mechanical advance all in by 2,000 rpm and this would supply the timing for part throttle. But that might make the engine hard to start when it’s hot. Or, we could just bring the mechanical advance in very quickly so it’s all in by 1,600 rpm. But when we stab the throttle at 1,800 rpm with all this advance in our 10:1-compression big-block with iron heads and a big 850-cfm carburetor, what happens? If you think the engine might rattle its brains out from detonation you’d be correct. But if we use timing based on engine vacuum, we can have our part-throttle timing cake and still let the engine eat and not rattle when we stab the throttle even at very low engine speeds.

Bmw f25 coding: Jailbreak: How to Unlock Hidden Features in Your BMW’s Onboard System

Like your iPhone, this isn’t something for the technically challenged, but if you’re tech savvy, this modification’s well worth it. Wondering what you can do if you code your BMW? Here’s a short list of options that can be accessed and changed by coding: Restraints and Airbags Disable Seatbelt chime Disable airbags (aftermarket seats) iDrive and Information Display Enable Video/DVD – Play Movies/Videos in motion Turn off Navigation disclaimers Car Access and Convenience Enable auto roll down/roll up via keyfob Enable one touch roll down Fold mirrors Lighting Customize welcome lights Disable Amber cornering lights Customize Daytime running lights Instrument Panel/Cluster Enable digital Speedometer Enable HUD options, turn signals etc. Enable Sports displays Performance and Misc. Read and clear error codes Disable Auto/Start and Stop last known position Software upgrades Parts you’ll need to code: Windows Laptop, or a Windows Emulator if you’re using a Mac BMW Ethernet to OBD-II Cable (BMW ENET Cable) ESYS Software PSdZDATA Files for ESYS and matching token   DISCLAIMER: Driving Line and its staff are not responsible for any issues that may occur with your car if you attempt to jailbreak your BMW. Please do so at your own risk. My test subject was a 2015 BMW i8 , with the basic process pretty straightforward: Plug OBD Cable to vehicle, power laptop on, turn car on to accessory, launch program, enable code changes, upload, turn car off, then turn back on. Seems easy enough right? As long as you have the correct guide to match your vehicle and know the changes you want to make ahead of time, it actually is. I opted to change the variables as listed below. As a general rule of thumb, you don’t want to make all changes at once. This way, if something goes awry, you’re not struggling to remember the last value changed. Each module within the program breaks up the car into “sections.” For example: all of the navigation changes are in one folder, while the lighting and camera options are in another. We changed all “Navigation” related items first, then saved before moving onto other parts of the car, such as: Play Movies/Videos Video in motion – allows for Movies and Video while driving Camera in motion – allows you to access any cameras at speed (normally only during parking speeds) Window roll up/down via remote Customize Menus Addition of Tire temp to TPS monitor screen. ///M logo on startup HUD Display configuration Change Navigation voice to British Accent Disable legal disclaimers Once your changes have been made, it’s a simple “upload” back to the car’s computer (this process can take some time depending upon how much has been changed). Unplug the laptop, start the car up and you’re good to go! Here are some examples of the features added to the i8. MP4 video format with title info: Weezy MP4 video splitscreen with Weather app: Fullscreen for MPEG/BluRay(MKV) format: Addition of tire temperature to TPMS section: Front camera enabled at speed: These are only a handful of features available to code; a more comprehensive list of changes (by chassis designation) can be found here:  http://www.bmwesys.com/guides

Auto increment in mongodb java: MongoDB Java API: Using a Sequence Collection With FindAndModify()

There are a number of questions on StackOverflow related to this approach. Most seem related to the approach doc linked above (e.g.  here ,  here , and articles elsewhere,…”,”authors”:[{“realName”:”Kevin Hooke”,”isMVB”:true,”isStaff”:false,”aboutAuthor”:”Technology Architect/Developer at Accenture, specializing in Java and related technologies. Have worked in software development since 1994, and with Java since 1997. Views and opinions are entirely my own and do not reflect the views of any of my employers, past or present.”,”claimed”:”mwerner”,”name”:”khooke”,”tagline”:null,”company”:”Home @kevinhooke”,”id”:273254,”avatar”:”https://secure.gravatar.com/avatar/2cb9c832355ddc38028762984c1aa9d8?d=identicon&r=PG”,”isClaimed”:true,”url”:”/users/273254/khooke.html”}]}]; TH.installWidgetController(‘article.content’, ‘articleContent5’, WMODEL_DATA, typeof controller == ‘function’ ? controller : null, [{name: ‘partners’, data: true},{name: ‘DEFAULT’, data: true}], ‘ oUhbblYOaqbcblYOaqbcC’, null); })(); (function() { function controller($scope, $service, $location, SideBarService, $timeout) { if ($scope.edition) { $scope.date = moment($scope.editionDate).utc().format(‘MMM DD, YYYY’); } SideBarService.ctx.pageSize = $scope.pageSize; SideBarService.ctx.isPreview = $scope.isPreview; SideBarService.ctx.mode = $scope.mode; SideBarService.fn.loader = $service; var $window = $(window); function checkWidth() { var windowsize = $window.width(); $scope.width = windowsize; } // Execute on load checkWidth() // Bind event listener $(window).resize(checkWidth); if ($scope.edition) { SideBarService.ctx.edition = $scope.edition; } SideBarService.fn.scrollCheck = function() { $scope.$emit(‘thIfScrollCheck’); }; var currentFilter; $scope.$on(‘$locationChangeSuccess’, function() { if (!$location.search().filter) { $scope.filter = ‘latest’; } else { $scope.filter = $location.search().filter; if ($scope.filter == ‘latest’) { $location.search(‘filter’, null); } } if (currentFilter == $scope.filter) { return; } currentFilter = $scope.filter; SideBarService.ctx.filter = $scope.filter; }); $scope.display = SideBarService.getList(); $scope.$watchCollection(function() { return SideBarService.getList(); }, function (n) { $scope.display = n; }); $scope.isActive = SideBarService.isActive; $scope.isExcluded = SideBarService.isExcluded; $scope.loadMore = SideBarService.load; $scope.loading = function() { return SideBarService.ctx.loading; }; TH.on(‘TapBarStatusChange’, function(expanded) { if (expanded) { SideBarService.unblock(); } }) } var WMODEL_DATA = {}; WMODEL_DATA.mode = null; WMODEL_DATA.isPreview = false; WMODEL_DATA.editionName = “”; WMODEL_DATA.editionDate = null; WMODEL_DATA.pageSize = 20; WMODEL_DATA.edition = null; WMODEL_DATA.OPTIONS = {}; TH.installWidgetController(‘sidebar.content.list’, ‘sidebarContentList8’, WMODEL_DATA, typeof controller == ‘function’ ? controller : null, [{name: ‘DEFAULT’, data: true}], ‘ oUhbkSMaaqbcdvVkcC’, null); })(); (function() { function controller($scope) { var $window = $(window); function checkWidth() { var windowsize = $window.width(); var $element = $(‘div.sidebar.sidebarTapBar’); $scope.width = windowsize; if(windowsize <= 1024 && $scope.edition){ $('.fixContentRight').removeClass('fixContentRight'); // $element.removeClass('expanded'); // $element.addClass('tapNotExpanded'); $('.tap').show(); }else if($scope.edition){ $('.tap').hide(); $('.mainContentRow').addClass('fixContentRight'); $element.removeClass('tapNotExpanded'); $element.addClass('expanded'); } } // Execute on load checkWidth(); // Bind event listener $(window).resize(checkWidth); } var WMODEL_DATA = {}; WMODEL_DATA.edition = null; WMODEL_DATA.slot = null; WMODEL_DATA.OPTIONS = {}; TH.installWidgetController('sidebar.tapBar', 'sidebar', WMODEL_DATA, typeof controller == 'function' ? controller : null, null, ' oUhbkSMadabfWVcC oUhbkSMadabbWQbVkcC', null); })(); (function() { function controller($scope, shareThis, TH$Dialog, TH$Service, $location) { $scope.getEditUrl = function(id, type) { if (!type || type == 'article') { return '/content/' + id + '/edit.html'; } else { return '/dzone/staff/' + type + (type == 'refcard' ? 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Car radio lyrics quiz: QUIZ: How well do you know the lyrics to “Car Radio”?

What the hell is YUNGBLUD, anyway? Is it a sassy stage name for British-born Dominic Harrison to wave his freak flag and pink socks under? Is it a musical vehicle that has absolutely no allegiance to genre as much as it does to getting the message across? Or is it a school of thought where the world’s youth can stand united to hasten the destruction of all the social, political and cultural barriers designed to separate them?

Cheap 7 seater car hire alicante airport: Planning to hire a car abroad this summer? Read our guide first

• Petrol A few years ago Spanish car hire firms introduced a “full-to-empty” policy – you pay for the full tank (usually at an inflated price) when you pick up the car and can return it empty. It sounds convenient but adds extra cost, particularly if you are not going to drive far and won’t use the full tank you paid for. These policies have proved so unpopular among renters returning half a tank that the latest development is the partial refund ­policy. With this, customers are refunded any petrol not used minus an admin fee. At Malaga airport, you will typically pay €24 (£20). “Full-to-full” policies are more expensive – at least £30 higher in our Malaga test.