Bmw r nine t harga: BMW R nineT Scrambler launched in Malaysia

In keeping with the old-school vibe of the R nineT Scrambler, there are no riding aids or traction control, while the instrument cluster is a single analogue speedometer with an LCD display showing the odometer and other pertinent riding information. Coming with a more relaxed riding position, taller handlebars are fitted with less padding in the seat, and foot pegs set lower to the rear.

Free car icons svg: How much are web icons worth? A lot if you’re Font Awesome 5

The overhaul, dubbed Font Awesome 5 , that Gandy wants to finance through a Kickstarter campaign adds a lot of welcome fine tuning. There will also be a new — though not free — Pro version with features like scalable (SVG) icons, icon font ligature (so that type looks more professional) and more than 1,000 new icons.

Auto wreckers brisbane northside: Suspicious fires at northside wreckers Kelly’s Wrecking and Boondall Auto Recyclers

There is a specific issue with the Facebook in-app browser intermittently making requests to websites without cookies that had previously been set. This appears to be a defect in the browser which should be addressed soon. The simplest approach to avoid this problem is to continue to use the Facebook app but not use the in-app browser. This can be done through the following steps:

Toyota verossa drift: 1JZ Drift Meeting

The love for the 1JZ is so real that ST Garage hosts a 1JZ Drift Meeting every year. This year’s meeting went down at Fuji Speedway and the festivities included a drift session, vendor village, and a popular parade run. Although the event name suggests exclusivity to 1JZ cars, it’s actually open to 1JZ, 1.5JZ (1JZ head with a 2JZ short block), and 2JZ cars. Even non-Toyota cars fitted with a JZ series engine were eligible to enter. A mix of grassroots and professional D1 drivers were allowed on a section of Fuji Speedway that the locals call “doripa,” or Drift Park. Along with the display cars and drift action, shops and teams such as WELD, Work Wheels, DMAX, HPI Japan, and WEDS wheels came out to support the event.

Bmw n20 oil change interval: BMW Basically Claims Its Vehicles Are Disposable

To be fair, the cooling systems seem to be somewhat more durable these days, but stuff like Vanos-related issues and battery drain problems from running 70+ modules have eclipsed those previous woes. Control arm bushings seem to be as wear-prone as always. I helped my brother diagnose a poor-running ’09 X5 not that long ago. With 145k miles, the 3.0L motor stilll ran great and transmission shifted well, but all the ancillary stuff like active headlights, parking sensors, etc was on the fritz. The reason we were working on it was a stalling issue that turned out to be the MAF sensor (surprisingly affordable at $200 for a good quality aftermarket one). To actually fix all of the things that were wrong (a solid list of 15-20 ish trouble codes) would bankrupt most of the second hand owners of these things.

Toyota passo sette price in kenya: The Premio is dearer but comfy, the Rush a compact off-roader

Besides irritation, the unoiled joints/motor create a lot of resistance and strain on the entire assembly, which then sets it up for failure, which is exactly what had happened to me. the main switch was not working properly and the driver’s window stayed firmly embedded within the door and wouldn’t rise. Oiling this assembly can either be a DIY job  if you fancy yourself a bit of a grease monkey and deft with a wrench, or you could drive into the nearest garage and pay a pittance to watch your door upholstery being mercilessly ripped apart by a man you have only just met.  Garage days make for nerve-wracking circumstances, I tell you.

Auto window tinting denver: How to Spot a Bad Tint Job

Don’t automatically assume that a dark tint has the best heat-blocking properties. While the car is in the sun, put one hand directly in the sun and one hand behind the window, so you can feel the difference. Yes, as a general rule, the darker the tint, the greater the heat reduction, but a high-quality ceramic tint like Huper Optik or a spectrally selective tint like 3M’s Crystalline line  is more efficient, meaning a lighter shade can still be more effective than a dark shade of the cheap stuff.

Auto doctor truckee: Tutus for Truckee: Local auto shop, cancer survivor hope to make a difference

“It’s a choice every day that you keep living your life. It makes me sad when people close themselves off — it’s important to let the people love you and show you that they care,” said Lain. “I had people come to my house and clean my house top to bottom, cooking meals, washing my hair. I had a man come to my house to shave his head and then he wouldn’t let it grow back until I grew my hair back. People do amazing things, and that love helps you keep on living”

Bmw e60 headlights led: How to upgrade those older BMW headlights

As they love to say in the Bentley manual “Installation is reverse of removal.” Though that may be true in most cases, extreme care must be taken not to touch the new bulb anywhere but on its plastic base. This made reinstalling a little more cumbersome. I plugged the new PIAA bulb into the wiring harness and gently worked the new bulb back in through the plastic housing taking care not to touch anything with the new light bulb.