Bmw r nine t harga: BMW R nineT Scrambler launched in Malaysia

In keeping with the old-school vibe of the R nineT Scrambler, there are no riding aids or traction control, while the instrument cluster is a single analogue speedometer with an LCD display showing the odometer and other pertinent riding information. Coming with a more relaxed riding position, taller handlebars are fitted with less padding in the seat, and foot pegs set lower to the rear.

Auto doctor truckee: Tutus for Truckee: Local auto shop, cancer survivor hope to make a difference

“It’s a choice every day that you keep living your life. It makes me sad when people close themselves off — it’s important to let the people love you and show you that they care,” said Lain. “I had people come to my house and clean my house top to bottom, cooking meals, washing my hair. I had a man come to my house to shave his head and then he wouldn’t let it grow back until I grew my hair back. People do amazing things, and that love helps you keep on living”