Auto keyboard presser for games: Switch-Bot is the mechanical button-presser you’ve always wanted

Using another gadget dubbed the Switch-Link lets you connect the Switch-Bot to your Wi-Fi network for control when away from your home (without the Switch-Link, you’re limited to local Bluetooth control). Users can even set schedules to have Switch-Bots activate automatically at certain times during the day or pair them with IFTTT recipes for added flexibility.

Auto javadoc intellij: Inheriting Javadoc Method Comments

Although the JDK Tools and Utilities pages for the Javadoc tool describe the rules of Javadoc method comment reuse by implementing and inheriting methods, it is easy to unnecessarily explicitly describe comment inheritance with {@inheritDoc} when it’s not really needed because the same comments would be implicitly inherited. The Java 8 javadoc tool page describes the rules of inherited method Javadoc comments under the section " Method Common Inheritance " and the Java 7 Javadoc tool page similarly describes these rules under the section " Automatic Copying of Method Comments ." This post uses simple code examples to illustrate some of the key rules of Javadoc method comment inheritance.

Bmw e30 convertible parts: Everything You Need To Know Before Buying a BMW E30

Living in the snowbelt, I’ve always liked the all-wheel-drive 325iX (sold from 1988 to 1991 in the U.S.). It was pretty trick in its day, even compared with the vaunted Audi 4000S Quattro. The ZF all-wheel-drive system featured a viscous-coupling limited-slip center differential at a time when such things were basically unheard of. A 37/63 percent front/rear torque split made for wonderfully controllable drifting—enough power to steer with the throttle, enough tug from the front wheels to claw out of snowbanks. In my ice-racing days, I always dreaded seeing an iX with Nokian Hakkapeliitta tires show up.

Toyota voxy 2007 for sale in kenya: CAR CLINIC: Tiguans and Touaregs might have faults, but they’re not mechanical

You can’t blame the car for failing to run after feeding it the basest sort of sulfur-laden muck, can you? People in the energy industry will be quick to comment —sometimes in all caps — that nowadays the entire diesel supply is imported (as opposed to what? Did we used to dig up our own before?) so the quality is world class (as low as 50 ppm, down from 500, they might add) and any euro 6 engine will run fine with it… Yea, I don’t think so. We might be getting diesel so fresh that it is safe to cook with, but we have these people called distributors and some of them are callous knaves who are not above adulterating the content for the sake of expanding their already wide and ill-gotten profit margins. How do you handle that, Mr. Oil-Industry Executive?

Auto scout beograd: World’s best architecture photography brought into sharp focus

This photo, by Paul Turang, is of the <a href="" rel="nofollow">Hygge House Warming Hut</a>, in Winnipeg, Canada. Named after the difficult-to-define Danish and Norwegian custom centered around getting cosy, the Hygge House Warming Hut offers a welcome and warm refuge in the cold Canadian winter (Credit: Paul Turang)

Set id auto increment postgresql: RETURNING in PostgreSQL

The RETURNING keyword in PostgreSQL gives you an opportunity to return, from the insert or update statement, the values of any columns after the insert or update was run. I mentioned this in passing in a few of my talks that touch on PostgreSQL recently, and it often gets Twitter comments, so here’s a quick example of the RETURNING keyword in PostgreSQL. The newest releases of PostgreSQL are excellent, and I’m seeing many teams considering moving their traditional MySQL setups over — this is just one of the extra goodies that you get when you use PostgreSQL! Let’s look at an example.

Toyota kata audiobook: 10 digital transformation book recommendations for IT and business leaders

Why you should read it: If you’re hoping to create digital transformation in your organization, this book will help you make it happen. One Amazon reviewer wrote: “Now is the time for CEO action on a comprehensive digital transformation agenda that will result in a strategic competitive advantage. Raskino and Waller, two experienced Gartner senior analysts, believe that one of the greatest ongoing challenges that executives will face is convincing their organizations to take a progressive path toward a digital-enabled future. Every business, no matter how long they’ve been in existence, has the opportunity to digitally remaster their business model – and their associated products and services. The book is about the process of forward-thinking renewal. The authors provide a pragmatic framework for savvy leaders to remap their industry, remodel their enterprise and also remake themselves.”

Bmw n46 timing chain replacement cost: BMW’s timing chain problem comes back to haunt carmaker

The problem dates back to 2007 and the creation of BMW’s hugely popular 2.0-litre diesel engine family, which carried the internal code name of N47. The engine, which was fitted to versions of the 1, 3 and 5 Series, as well as the X1 and X3 SUVs, became a firm favourite with customers, not least because it managed to mix impressive fuel economy with low emissions levels. Indeed, the N47 engine, when fitted to the 5 Series saloon, became something of an embarrassment to the Irish government when it realised that BMW’s expensive luxury saloon was in the low Band B tax band supposedly designed to cover small, affordable family cars.

Auto shazam mac: Shazam is always listening to you on Mac — but not for long

That excuse doesn’t really pass the smell test, so we spoke to Shazam’s Chief Product Officer Fabio Santini to understand the situation a little more. He explained that it was just a choice the company made in the Mac version — and only the Mac version — since the whole automatically-running-in-the-background thing is what the company promised on Mac since day one.

Bmw x3 f25 forum 2011: I can finally afford a BMW, but will a used X3 be a pain to own?

“Among the competition, the 2013 Volvo XC60 provides an even roomier interior and a few more family-friendly features – if performance is paramount, the 2013 BMW X3 largely matches the Q5 in terms of performance and handling,” Edmunds said. “But for an all-around small luxury crossover that does everything well, you’d be hard-pressed to do better than the 2013 Q5.”