Toyota yuzhno sakhalinsk: Sakhalin Residents Holding on to Their Roots

Another way locals stay connected to their heritage is by visiting memorials. There are about 20 on the island but as the people age the task of maintaining the memorials becomes more difficult. The Japanese government has sent experts to see how it can help and community elders also want to get the younger generations involved.

Auto italia brooklands 2016: The best motoring events of 2017

You can imagine the conversation that led to the inaugural Coventry Motofest taking place in 2014. A group of petrolheads got together and decided it’d be fun, for one weekend a year, to take over the city of Coventry with motoring-related activities. Could they show off the city’s motoring heritage, display classic cars in the centre and even hold demonstrations on the ring road? Turns out, yes they could. It’s definitely worth a visit.

Bmw k100 scrambler forum: Killer K: Mike Flores’ BMW K100 Cafe Racer

Mike built a new rear frame section, then started designing a tail piece. “I need to give credit to Cliff Meyer for building the rear cowl out of aluminum,” he says. “I sent him a cardboard template, but my aluminum welding and sheet metal skills weren’t up to par at the time.”

Bmw k100 cafe racer parts: Custom Bikes Of The Week: 22 January, 2017

In addition to building some pretty sweet bikes, An-Bu manufacture parts. This K’s sporting a seat from the catalogue, and the front fairing is a prototype. The latter’s kitted with an offset light in a custom-made aluminum surround. Peak behind the fairing, and the cockpit is delightfully busy; it features a tacho, speedo, water temperature and fuel gauges, and a smartphone mount with a USB connection. There’s plenty hand-made goodness to take in—like the custom battery mount, and the four-into-one exhaust system. The glossy black paint job (and tasteful silver striping) was the client’s idea—a nod to BMW’s classic color schemes. [ More ]

Bmw club thailand f10: VIDEO: BMW 5 Series

Child 12yo, I am sorry for you. You were brought up in an environment full with illusion and you end up being delusional. This is the sign of a fail parenting in a family institution. A Beemer or anything equivalent or above its standard does not represent SUCCESS. They are those fractions that can AFFORD thus we call as RICH. SUCCESS on the other hand is broader than your house and your pea sized brain. You can WIN an president electoral (by money and influence) but it does not mean you are a SUCCESS leader. RICH is measured by your assets however SUCCESS is by your achievements and respect of others toward you! Well this is a sad comment actually. It is sad to see the testament of our education system has led to the creation of wealth and fame based generation.

Auto draw vape pen review: Best Vape Pens of 2019 for E-Liquid, Dry Herb, Wax and Oils

In 2016, the US Travel Security Administration added some limitations to flying with vape pens. Vapers are now allowed to have them in their carry on bags, but not in their checked luggage (actually, devices with built-in batteries are not permitted in checked luggage, which automatically applies to most vape pens). As for vape juice, it’s allowed on the plane, but in 3-ounce bottles packed neatly into a one-quart plastic see-through bag per person. It’s possible to carry more vape juice in your checked luggage, but make sure to declare that at the check-in and ask if there are any limitations. Outside of the US, the same rules apply, although the wisest decision is to check the airline conditions before the flight.

Bmw r1200gs weight reduction: Touratech BMW R 1200 GS Rambler Build Unveiled | 438 lbs. ADV! (Video)

Considerable weight reductions came by stripping the bike of its bodywork, fairing and all unnecessary mounting brackets. A custom lightweight airbox and fairing were crafted of carbon-fiber reinforced plastic. The fuel tank and rear subframe were combined into a single aluminum structure that supports the rider and rear fender. An ultra-lightweight seat was crafted from Polyurethane using a method that requires no seat pan. Ultralight master cylinders & titanium footpegs were utilized for maximum weight savings.