Javascript auto scroll to bottom: Cool on Scroll Animations Made Easy With the AOS Library

The library keeps track of all the elements and their positions. This way it can dynamically add or remove the aos-animate class based on the settings that we have provided. For example, the aos-animate class is removed whenever the elements to which it is applied move out of the viewport. However, if an element has the value of data-aos-once set to true , the aos-animate class will not be removed from that particular element, thereby preventing any animation from happening on subsequent scroll events that bring the element into view.

Toyota land cruiser prado 2018 black: 2018 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Facelift Leaks On Social Media?

Things get more interesting inside the cabin where the 2018 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado will feature a new 8-inch infotainment system as well as a different layout for the HVAC controls. Some other updates are likely in tow, but we can’t see them at this point due to the nature of these subpar images. For example, rumor has it a new steering wheel will be installed in the facelifted variant and it will supposedly be borrowed from the Toyota Crown fullsize sedan. An extended array of safety and assistance systems will debut with the model’s forthcoming revision.

Instagram auto follow script php: How to Build a Basic Twitter Analytics App with RestDB

The userAccount method directly searches for a Twitter ID in the accounts records, and returns a record if found, or false if not. Note the use of the metafields query param – this lets us fetch the _created and other system fields . Notice also that we cache the result for 5 minutes unless the $fresh param is passed in, because the user info will rarely change and we might need it multiple times during a session. The createUserAccount method takes an array of user data (the most important of which is the id key) and creates the account. Note that we’re looking for status 201 which means CREATED .

Bmw i32017: 2017 BMW i3 Range-Extender First Test Review

Watching the evolution of electric cars is a lot like watching the evolution of fighter jets. The first generation of fighter jets, such as the Bell P-59 Airacomet, could travel at high-subsonic speeds, but otherwise early fighter jets largely followed the design principles of piston-engine fighters before it. If we break Electric Vehicles (EVs) into generations, the first typically followed the design principles of Neighborhood Electric Vehicles such as the GEM, with quirky golf cart-like shapes and less than 80 miles of range. Like the supersonic and delta-winged second and third generation of fighter jets that followed, the second generation of EVs and onwards saw electric cars grow more assertive in design and ranges increase up to 99 miles. Some second-generation EVs, such as the 2017 BMW i3 Range-Extender (REx) I’ve spent the past few weeks driving, are the beneficiaries of advancement in battery chemistry, upping their ranges above 100 miles per charge and into third-generation EV territory.

Car hire excess insurance northern ireland: Car hire without the excess worry

* Once purchased, firmly refuse the excess policy offered by the car rental firm. They will insist on taking a pre-authorisation on your credit card for the excess amount on their rental and then use that if the car is damaged or stolen. You can then claim it from your excess policy after you get home.

Bmw active tourer 225xe facelift: BMW 2 Series Active Tourer Facelift Caught With New Headlights

It has been around for already about three years and here we see it prepping for what will likely be a discreet Life Cycle Impulse. It’s actually the very same prototype our spies caught on camera towards the end of March flaunting the LED lighting signature with a more angular configuration in the same vein as other recent models. Some changes to both front and rear bumpers are likely on the agenda as well, but we’re not expecting any drastic modifications considering the amount of camo slapped onto this test vehicle. Chances are it is going to be the same story on the inside where BMW will only make some subtle changes like adding new trim bits and updating the iDrive infotainment system.

Toyota forklift spare parts uae: UAE: Al-Futtaim Motors opens 3S Toyota Material Handling facility

“We pride ourselves on delivering not just reliable equipment of excellent quality [and] premium aftersales services, but also non-stop solution services where customers [can] get full warehousing, logistics, and transportation consultancy, all in one place.”