Auto ventshade aeroskin hood deflector: Widebody ANY Challenger With This Kit—Or Just Win This One! #TENSEMA17

Anybody who has longed for the sexy curves of the new Dodge Demon or Widebody Hellcat will be happy to hear that AVS—a leading automotive accessory brand under the respected Lund umbrella—has just introduced a kit that can transform any 2015-up Challenger into a near Widebody/Demon look-alike. The resemblance to a Dodge Demon or Widebody Hellcat is uncanny, with AVS designer Billy Bibb doing a fantastic job amping up the design even further.  Demons and Widebody Hellcats after all have unique quarter panels and fenders with attachment points stamped into them. Those can’t be used on a regular Challenger body, so AVS must work with the stock sheetmetal. If that sounds like an opportunity to make it even sexier, you’d be right!

Toyota proace for sale gumtree: Thousands of UK motorists removing diesel particulate filters

Diesel particulate filters trap microscopic emissions produced by diesel engines that would otherwise be expelled into the environment. They require regular ‘regeneration’, however, which involves burning the captured particles off. This process can only occur at high temperatures, typically reached when a vehicle is driven at relatively high speed. Diesel drivers who predominantly drive in urban areas can therefore be faced with blocked DPFs, as their vehicles don’t regularly reach the conditions necessary for regeneration to occur.

Toyota fielder 2010 for sale in karachi: Walking the line in times of conflict

[In response to the question posed regarding] Pakistan considering any options/proposals to manage/control its border with Afghanistan in such a way that it does not negatively impact bilateral trade, Pakistan hasn’t introduce any restrictions for legal trade between Pakistan and Afghanistan, rather we are reinforcing and upgrading the existing trade terminals with the aim to increase their capacity, make them more efficient, also, we are exploring new trade terminals/crossing points to facilitate trade/transit and encourage legal movement of people and goods. We have recently opened a new border crossing for trade and transit of vehicles, at Kharlachi, Kurram agency. In addition we are investing in human resource as well as technical surveillance means to increase our reach to frequented and unfrequented routes used by smugglers and other undesired elements to curb illegal trade and smuggling. With these efforts we are hopeful that the trade between the two countries would increase and the traders of the two countries would be facilitated.

Auto_increment mysql multiple columns: How to Optimize MySQL: Indexes, Slow Queries, Configuration

As you can imagine, it’s way faster to search by an index than having to go through each page. Therefore, adding indexes to your database is in general speeding up your select queries. However, the index also has to be created and stored. So the update and insert queries will be slower and it will cost you a bit more disk space. In general, you won’t notice the difference with updating and inserting if you have indexed your table correctly and therefore it’s advisable to add indexes at the right locations.

Bmw g310gs for sale malaysia: BMW G310GS arrives in Malaysia; RM29,900 incl. GST

On the chassis front, the baby GS gains a larger, 19-inch diameter wheel, 41 mm upside-down fork, a single 300 mm-disc front brake with four-piston caliper in front, while the rear gets a 17-inch wheel, rear monoshock with preload adjustment, and a 240 mm rear disc brake with single-piston caliper. Suspension travel is 180 mm, while dual-channel ABS is standard, and is user-switchable.

Toyota premio 2015 price in japan: ANALYSIS

The car is 2.4 inches longer, 0.6 inches wider and about an inch lower than its predecessor. It also has quite different styling at its front and rear ends compared to the standard Prius. In Japan and Europe, some versions have solar panels on the roof. These, Toyota claims, can increase the car’s range by up to 10%. The panels, which are laid on reinforced glass sheeting, prevent the Prius Prime from passing the USA’s rollover laws, so the solar roof isn’t available in that market. The car’s chief engineer told the media at the car’s home market preview in June 2016 that Toyota does not have the technology to laminate the photovoltaic cells in a resin which won’t shatter if the car rolls. However, TMC is working on a solution. Panasonic is the supplier of the solar roof.

Toyota majesta for sale: Next-Gen Toyota Crown Previewed Via Tokyo Motor Show Concept [UPDATE]

To offer customers the enjoyment of driving cars while pursuing a future mobility society, TMC has re-designed cars from scratch, including building the new Crown Concept on a platform based on Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA), and has conducted testing in Nürburgring, Germany. In addition to responsive handling performance, driving stability is realized whether driving in low-speed areas or high-speed areas and whether on smooth surfaces or rough surfaces. The driver is in control, put at ease, and can enjoy the driving experience.

Bmw n20 timing chain: Class Action Commenced Against BMW Alleging N20 Engine Contains Dangerous Defects

TORONTO , Oct. 25, 2017 /CNW/ – Strosberg Sasso Sutts LLP announced today that a class action was commenced against BMW.  The Plaintiff, Patricia North , alleges the 2.0L turbocharged N20 engine in certain BMW vehicles contains dangerous defects that BMW has known about since at least 2013.