Autoanything floor mats: Kingswood acquires AutoAnything

Kingswood Capital Management, LLC (together with its affiliates, “Kingswood”), an operationally-focused lower-middle market private equity firm, announced today that it has acquired substantially all of the assets of AutoAnything, Inc. (“AutoAnything” or the “Company”). Based in San Diego, California, AutoAnything is a leading online retailer of automotive performance parts and accessories. Prior to the acquisition, AutoAnything was a subsidiary of AutoZone, Inc. (NYSE: AZO), the largest retailer of aftermarket automotive parts and accessories in the United States.

Toyota starlet gt turbo for sale uk: Toyota Starlet Turbo S: Spotted

In the UK, the Toyota Starlet was sold from the fourth generation before being replaced with the more modern Yaris and then Aygo models, but this is no typical Starlet. This is the third generation EP71 series, the first model to have switched to front-wheel drive, and running a 1.3-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine. The small unit might not have masses of power, with 105hp and 110lb ft but, fitted with a two-mode turbo switch – allowing the driver to bleed waste gate pressure to the atmospheric side of the compressor via an electric solenoid – this Starlet flies through the mid-range. Boost comes from 2,000rpm with the little turbo running out of steam at 5,500rpm, even though there is still an extra 1,300rpm left till redline.

Auto world diecast ultra raw: Hot Wheels Brings Fun to the Forefront at the Toronto Auto Show

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Budget car rental barcelona el prat: Budget trips: Cheap travel from London to Barcelona

Coach travel to Barcelona is cheap but will take you a day – at least. You’ll get to see a great deal of France and Spain as you travel, but don’t get too excited as the journey takes in a lot of motorways. The two main operators are Flixbus and Eurolines (the European arms of Megabus and National Express respectively.) With journey times from 24–30plus hours, it’s lucky that both promise on-board sockets to charge your phone and free Wi-Fi to help pass the time. Ask your driver how to access both when you board.

Toyota allion 2007 fuel consumption: CAR CLINIC: Don’t split hairs, get a Vanguard

The merits of an exhaust system are based on how fast and how efficiently it can get rid of spent charge from within the engine. The exhaust stroke of the four-stroke cycle is partly responsible for this, but it works against atmospheric pressure, which in turn is acting in the reverse direction to exhaust flow. How intense this back pressure is is directly dependent on the shape and size of the exhaust system components. A narrow or restrictive exit will obviously create a lot of back pressure (unwanted effect), but this in turn also means that the exhaust gases will have a higher escape velocity coming out of the engine (desired effect). Think of it this way: when you squeeze the tip of a hose pipe, you are creating a restriction to water flow but you also create a “jet”, whereby the water shoots out faster than it does unrestricted. It sounds paradoxical but it actually isn’t. To maintain the flow rate, the speed has to increase since the size allowance has dropped. The opposite applies as well: a much wider exit means that there will be less back pressure (desirable effect), but also a drastically lowered exit velocity (undesirable), which in extreme cases might be insufficient to completely evacuate the spent charge from inside the cylinder. There is an ideal middle ground where the back pressure and the escape velocity are finely balanced (minimum for the former and maximum for the latter), which is what engineers seek when they design exhaust systems for engines.

Toyota warrior race south africa: 2018 TOYOTA WARRIOR OCR SERIES

The event calls adventure seekers from all walks of life – whether a weekend WARRIOR or an elite athlete hoping to snatch up the series title. With a Rookie, Commando, and Black Ops category on offer, WARRIOR has something for everyone. For the first time in the popular series, there will be an escape route for those who don’t find the idea of mud particularly appealing. Instead of diving into the infamous Mud Monster, participants will have the option of taking a penalty loop that will take them the same amount of time to complete. The ‘mudless’ option will not be made available to any Elite athletes, however. Adventure seekers looking for some extra high-speed excitement have the option of entering the popular Reebok Sprint Race. A specifically designed children’s obstacle course will be available for little adventurers, as well as a WARRIOR Kids Zone under the supervision of child-minders.