Toyota fj40 restoration companies: Watch The FJ Company perfectly restore a classic Toyota Land Cruiser

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Bmw r1200gs review 2018: BMW R 1200 GS Pro first ride review

The BMW R 1200 GS isn’t pretty. But like Marv, it’s got presence. Heaps and heaps of it. And it’s essentially German in the way it looks. There are all kinds of angular creases, flat planes, contrasted plastics, painted aluminium bits, tubular steel frame members… it would be a mess if it wasn’t so carefully crafted to produce an extremely complex design. In some ways, your eyes find no place to rest. In other ways, your eyes have no time for anything else once a GS is around. It’s a wonderful design even though it isn’t pretty in any traditional sense. Add to this the GS owner’s propensity to cover said motorcycle in protective plumbing and complement the excellent LED headlights with more lights – not that I can excuse myself from that same excess – and the picture is arresting. Wherever we stopped, people would walk over to marvel is slack-jawed amazement at the size and girth of the BMW. They’d wonder how you’d ride a bike this large while their eyes visibly pin-balled from part to part endlessly.

Express auto wash traverse city mi: JOBS! | Features

Bill Marsh Auto Group – Traverse City Document Processor for Sales Department If you have the drive and the desire to build your career with a successful and innovative company, we want to talk with you. The best candidates in this position would be smart ‘gatekeepers’ of a car deal but also have the ability to type 15 deals in a day. Personal traits should include pride in work; dependable, detail oriented, accurate; ability to multi-task with no errors; ability to work with the sales administration team; ability to effectively communicate with teams; flexibility with scheduling; ensure all deals are legally compliant; type deals with speed and accuracy. Conclude delivery process, report the delivery, apply for incentives, and create purchase orders. Break down deals, confirm all documents are correct, then deliver to accounting within 24 hours. Some administrative duties. If this is you, apply now! Partnerships with GM, Chrysler, Ford and Hyundai. Hours/Pay:  Full time; $13/hour. Full benefit program. Get the Job! Email or visit JD Byrider – Traverse City Account Representative Job requirements include success in consumer-related collections, customer retention, default prevention, and dispute resolution. Experience required: 3- to 5-year account retention or personal and/or financial counseling background(s) required. Past supervisor or team leadership skills required. Work for a growing industry leader that has close to 170 locations in 36 states and over 27 years of experience. Hours/Pay: Full time; $13.00 per hour plus monthly bonus potential, company benefits, and extensive company training. 40-hour work week, open until 7pm on Monday and Friday. Rotating Saturdays from 9am-3pm. Get the Job! Visit or email . Platte River Inn – Honor Servers/Bartenders/Cook Some day shifts, some night shifts. Possible part time available also. Hours/Pay: Full or part time; servers $4/hour, bartenders $7/hour. Cook $13-14/hour. Get the Job! Email . Tip to Toes – Traverse City Stylist/Manicurist Work your schedule, control your own schedule. Chair rental available for stylist or manicurist. $465.00 a month, lowest rent in Traverse City. Laundry on site, internet, website, month-to-month — no contracts, clientele preferred. All applicants held in confidentiality. Hours/Pay: Full time. Get the Job! Inquire at (231) 357-2819 or email .

Auto clicker android no root: Use This AutoClicker App to Rack Up Points on Idle Games

I don’t really find anything wrong with cheating your way through an idle clicker game, since you’re only really affecting your own experience. If you want to spend weeks instead of months (or a year) trying to unlock every achievement in a game—a feat only you will know about—then by all means, cheat. The trickiest part is finding the right balance between “I am automating an idle game to make it easier, but still interesting” and “I just clicked a million times in ten minutes and now I have nothing else to do.”

Bmw pre owned cars hyderabad: Pre-owned luxury cars market to expand

In many ways policies are helping achieve that goal. There’s an additional duty on parts of new cars in a bid to boost local manufacturing. While for used cars the GST rate, which was similar to the rate on new cars has been brought down. The hard sell by the industry as to why the same car should be taxed twice at the same rate paid off, and government decided to make used cars more attractive. This was done in January, bringing GST rates on pre-owned cars to 12% and 18% (depending on size of car) from 28% earlier.

Bmw quick service qatar: BMW and MINI service centre reopens

Alfardan Automobiles has opened its newly-renovated and expanded BMW and MINI Madinat Khalifa branch service centre. With this, the official BMW Group importer in Qatar is “bringing new and improved facilities and services to its customers”, it said in a statement. Featuring a “spacious and luxurious” waiting lounge with increased seating areas for customers, the Madinat Khalifa branch service centre offers quick services and small repairs for BMW and MINI cars. The refurbishment has been completed according to the latest BMW standards to provide new and more comprehensive facilities to Alfardan Automobiles’ customer base. Part of the renovation, which has increased the floor space, includes a dedicated MINI reception and a wide range of BMW and MINI accessories and lifestyle items. Alfardan Automobiles general manager Rabih Ataya said: “We are excited to expand our presence and offerings in Qatar and for our customers to experience the Madinat Khalifa service branch, which is now bigger and better than ever before. “We constantly strive to provide both BMW and MINI customers with the best-quality service and look forward to hearing feedback from our customers on the new services we have added to the centre.” Alfardan Automobiles stressed that it “will continue moving forward with its strategic expansion plan across the country”. Within this context, a new BMW aftersales branch is scheduled to open in Al Khor later this year. Ataya continued: “With the significant potential for further growth in the market, the new service branch is geared up to deliver total satisfaction and offer customers in Qatar the experience they deserve.” The service centre is located in Madinat Khalifa next to Landmark Mall, and is now open from Saturday to Thursday, between 7am and 12noon.

Bmw m3 f80 yas marina blue: Yas Marina Blue BMW M3 Gets New Shoes

When talking about the most popular exterior finishes for the BMW M3 , Yas Marina Blue is still a big part of that conversation. Part of the two launch colors for the vehicle – alongside the  Austin Yellow – the light, baby blue shade suits perfectly the aggressive lines of the high-performance sedan, turning heads everywhere is seen. While BMW will cease production of the BMW F80 M3 and its successor closing in, this, current-generation M3 still ticks all the boxes – performance and design-wise – for many owners.

Bmw r1100rt torque specs: 2018 BMW K 1600 GTL vs Honda Gold Wing Tour | Comparison Review

At 6′ 5″ tall, with a 36″ inseam, I’m painfully aware that most bikes (and cars for that matter) are designed for people that are not as tall as I am. So many bikes I fall in love with only to look like a circus bear riding a tricycle once I hop on. I currently ride a 2016 Harley Road King, my first American bike. Previously I was a Concours guy, but they aren’t made for long haul touring which is what I do. This past fall I test rode the K1600 Grand America, and the 2018 Goldwing. I’ve got a decision to make this spring. Thought I’d share my experiences and thoughts on both bikes. I didn’t fit on the Grand America. The dealer did have a K1600 GT with the taller seat on it and as soon as I threw a leg over it I smiled. It’s a rare thing to feel like I fit a bike, and that thing fit like a glove. Unfortunately, the GT isn’t really a long distance cruiser. My wife reported a TON of wind hitting her helmet on the Grand America, to the point where it was pushing her head back. She’s not tall at 5’6″, so that one was a no, even with the windshield all the way up. Another thing I found slightly annoying was how high I had to rev the K1600 to take off. With a Harley you can practically let the clutch out at idle and it will just go. I stalled the BMW in the dealer lot – embarrassing. I haven’t tried the K1600GTL yet, but I suppose it is worth a try. Maybe the wind problem isn’t there for the GTL. The foot position is a concern on every BMW – I don’t like riding with my feet slightly behind my knees. It’s fine for maybe an hour or so, but I do 8 hour days in the saddle. One thing that I count as a negative is the dated electronics on the BMW, particularly with the dashboard. Their dashboard looks like it is 15 years old. The also don’t have decent storage options for the rider for small things like charging your phone in a place accessible while riding. The front wheel seems small on the BMW, but that’s just me nitpicking the aesthetics of the bike. I rode the 2018 Goldwing DCT, and I was NOT expecting to like it as much as I did. It is very comfortable, with tons of power and handled very well. My wife said it was very comfortable with zero wind on her. I don’t like the smaller bags, nor the smaller gas tank. What in the actual hell, Honda? And I SO wish the bags were removable. But I DO like the electronics, the ride by wire modes, Apple Car Play so i can use Waze, and the stability on highways. At 53 years old I’m not likely to be scraping pegs, nor am I going to be pushing a bike to its limit in twisties. I do ride the Dragon every year, but I’m not one of those guys that looks like he is trying to commit suicide on the ride. I looked into how I can modify the Wing to better suit my needs, and found the following things that can be added quite easily. (Actually saw a 2018 in the dealer repair bay that the owner had tricked out – he got rear-ended when he pulled off the dragon to wait for a buddy to catch up). -trunk rack with integrated LED brake light (extra storage AND passive safety) -highway pegs (super important. There are removable covers on the engine that hide small engine guards where the pegs can be attached) -rider back rest (also super important for long days in the saddle) -taller windshield -side wind deflectors (those actually looked a bit hokey) -arm rests for the passenger (the stock seat has these abbreviated stumps that don’t provide the wife with that wrap-around stability feeling she gets on my Harley)

Toyota avalon for sale kijiji: The Story Behind That Hilarious Toyota Corolla Craigslist Ad

The original plan was to keep this car forever. I had visions of gradually restoring it to its original glory in a rented garage and then unveiling the car to my extremely disappointed daughter when she turned 16. My plan changed after my wife came across a youtube video of a head-on crash test between a 1999 corolla and 2015 corolla. As you can imagine, ‘99 corollas are basically death traps by today’s safety standards, and for the safety of our kids, she insisted we get a new car…safety of our kids, mind you, not me.

Bmw k100 cafe racer exhaust: Z1 Beater! A Honda CB400F Tuned for the Track

We’re betting Shawn’s CB—now dubbed ‘Goldie’—goes like stink. And it’s got a paint job to match. Shawn shot it himself, combining jet black with ‘GM’ white and metallic gold. The frame stands out, resplendent in ‘Buckwild’ gold metal flake from Arizona-based Painthuffer.