Bmw e39 yellow brake light: QOTD: The Most Exciting Car of Them All?

I will say that the EXP was underrated in my opinion. My oldest brother had an 83 LN7 5-speed no other options. It was picked up cheap in nearly perfection condition at some point in the early 90s. He drove it back and forth from college/home for several years before passing it to my older brother who did the same and then I had it for a summer after I wrecked my own car. I have no idea how this is possible for an early 80s Ford product, but really NOTHING broke on the thing! There was no rust, no body damage, the interior (rock hard plastic and nasty vinyl) was in great shape, no mechanical issues and it got great mileage too! Somehow that thing just kept on going with nothing more than regular oil changes. It wasn’t fast, but it would scoot if you pushed it hard enough. Sadly, despite having nothing wrong with it at all as it approached 100k miles, some bonehead teenage girl learning to drive backed into it while it was parked and caved in the rear wheel arch and bent the rear suspension under. It was deemed to be too costly to fix and was totaled. Shame, I’m sure it would have carried on for quite a bit longer. Sometimes a simple car is very good.

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