Auto vision panadura: [APPRECIATIONS

He strove, at all times, to share his knowledge about the latent power held within the human mind. His messages were directed at awakening people to recognise this great untapped and unseen capacity within them and to introduce the teachings of the dhamma as the path to greater self-awareness. Robertson masterfully used the dhamma to explain the most abstract concepts such as the doctrine of impermanence that has even posed challenges to Western psychologists. Robertson was well read in the discipline of Western psychology. He openly challenged eminent western scholars such as Dr. J.B. Reihn’s conceptualisation of the human mind as inconclusive on the strength of the deeper understanding he had developed through the teachings of the dhamma. Continually asserting his belief that the Lord Buddha has been the greatest ever psychologist the world has ever seen. His outstanding services in the cause of the dhamma were recognised by the State when the J.R. Jayawardene administration conferred on him the title of. Later, the Premadasa government appointed him a Member of Parliament.

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