Bmw n20 timing chain whine: Buy/Drive/Burn: 2014 Midsize Luxury Sedan Shootout

Cadillac’s CTS was new for 2014, as a new, angular version replaced its more upright predecessor. For the first time, engines of four cylinders were offered alongside the six- and eight-pot versions. The coupe and wagon variants of the second-generation CTS faded from view at this point. Still, they continued selling alongside the sedan in their old guises for 2014 before being discontinued, which means in 2014 there were  12 different trim trees for the CTS. Today’s selection is a 3.6L Luxury, which features GM’s ubiquitous 3.6-liter V6. With 321 horsepower, the CTS is the most powerful car on offer today. Like the other two, it uses an eight-speed automatic to sort out the power. $53,700.

Bmw e46 interior mods: Clean Artic Silver BMW E36 M3 With Aftermarket Mods and Wheels

When the first units of the BMW E36 M3 hit the U.S. shores back in 1994, the vehicle quickly garnered a lot of attention. However, the model that was imported to the United States differed from the European one. Unlike the Euro model, the U.S. version of the E36 M3 used the S50B30US engine with an output of 240 horsepower and 305 Nm (225 lb-ft). When compared to Europe spec models, it also sported a different suspension setup and it did a 0-60 mph (97 km/h) time in about six seconds. The E36 M3s in Europe could rely on a straight-six S50 engine that produced 210 kW (282 hp). The M3 of that generation was available with a five-speed manual or an automatic transmission.

Bmw m3 forum australia: 2020 BMW M3 ‘G80’ to come in RWD/AWD, up to 373kW

Brett is the editor and founder of PerformanceDrive. He’s obsessed with driving, having played with Matchbox cars until he was tall enough to drive a real one. After initially working as a mechanic, Brett earned a degree in journalism and entered media as an editorial assistant at Top Gear Australia magazine. He then worked at His dream is to live next door to the Nurburgring in Germany.

New toyota allion for sale in kenya: Kenya: Police Hunt for Two Men Over Wambui’s Murder

Two children of the Koris, one aged 13 and the other six, were withdrawn from school by relatives to help them manage the shock, while in Nakuru, Wambui’s mother Virginia Njeri Kamangara had difficulty comprehending how her “selfless” son-in-law could have taken the life of her “heartbeat”, as the police suspect.

Bmw service center damansara: BMW Malaysia deploys first batch of Product Geniuses

Thanks BMW, i got my hand on so many sexy chicks at night club and those office lady seller agents who looks cute and innocently in their sexy attire just because i place a BMW key on the table when chatting with them. They ll purposely ask me to fetch them somewhere to make sure i drive that bmw. And then follow me home or just have fun in their office room. And we be friend after that. Easy sexy girl. Btw i driving 2018 530i. Its cheaper at 380k than my 528i at 410k. Im 30 i started driving my first audi at 22 and frm then on, only german car till now. Surrounded by cute girls since then. so i guess age do play a role too. Younger ppl with bmw or merc or audi easy to get cute sexy chicks following you home. Who care the service, i change car every 3 yrs. And audi is the fastest, merc disco interior, bmw the best quality. Asia car no match. I started frm aeroback at 17, waja at 19, altis at 20, then german at 22. I love sexy cute chicks. Hehehe

Toyota chr 2017 review: 2019 Toyota C-HR Review: Style! Daring! Middling Power! The Coupe High-Rider strikes quite a pose; if only the bite matched the bark

New tech In 2019 the C-HR gets Apple CarPlay integration, which should make the car’s target demographic happy, but still not Android Auto, which won’t. There’s also the new Entune 3.0 infotainement system that enables linking the Scout GPS system to the central screen. There’s also Entune App Suite Connect, which incorporates several apps that allow you to monitor things like the weather and traffic. A new 8-inch touchscreen with integrated backup camera is part of the product offering this year.   Other standard features include automatic daytime running lights, adaptive cruise control with all the active and passive safety functions you would expect to find, an acoustic windshield and dual-zone climate control.

Toyota vanguard 2012 specification: Toyota RAV4 vs. Honda CR-V: The differences and the similarities

The original CR-V arrived in America in February 1997 with one mission in mind: Take down the RAV4. Like its rival, it has evolved from a utilitarian off-roader to a family-friendly soft-roader and it has swelled over the course of five generations. In terms of styling, it shares styling cues with other members of the Honda lineup like the newest  Accord  and the 10th-generation  Civic . Designers streamlined the cabin layout by removing as many buttons and switches as possible. They took the volume knob out, too, but later brought it back by popular demand.

Toyota mark 2 2012 price in bangladesh: 2012 KIA Optima

Our test car is a 2.0-liter 2012 EX package, which comes with premium beige interior, and perforated leather seats. The two front seats can be cooled and heated to the occupant’s liking and can be adjusted 8-ways for lumbar support and bolster fitment. A full size panoramic roof adds that extra bit of driving satisfaction. The entertainment system features infinity speakers and a sub-woofer connected to a simple head unit which can also be controlled suing the toggles on the steering wheel. Passengers in this car will of course feel pampered, but driving experience is the real deal. The car is quick on the throttle and the exhaust note is throaty with a deep purr. Drive modes include Economy for annoying Dhaka city traffic, and the usual setting for when you feel generous.