Car scanner for sale in pakistan: Soon you could unlock your car with your fingerprint

There have been numerous concerns about the safety and accuracy of this system. The system may have some glitches but overall it is safer than conventional keys and smart key fobs. Hyundai claims that at best the system may register a wrong fingerprint but this is likely to happen only in one out of 50,000 incidents. Interestingly, this is the same number which Apple quotes for its phones. The system is so refined that even fake fingerprints with latex gloves aren’t accepted since the system has an extra security feature termed “ Human Capacitance ”. The system measures the electrical current in your finger as it touches the sensor, which makes it impossible to fake a fingerprint. Some other concerns remain, however, like what happens if it is raining and the fingerprint sensor is wet. Another concern is about the accuracy of this system in extreme sunlight and icy conditions.

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