Car garage near me open saturday: Q&A: From car washer to dealership co-owner

A: There was a lot of big change because we were more of a mom and pop shop. [The former owners] lived in Florida, and I ran the store for them. So I had a lot more say in the day-to-day. When RFJ came in, one of the first things they did is, they wanted us to move from Reynolds and Reynolds to CDK — and understandably because the rest of their dealerships were on CDK. But it was like brain damage here because all these people had worked [on the Reynolds dealership management system] for so long. You just basically got rid of 15 years of experience and started fresh. In some cases, they didn’t make the transition. I had a title clerk. She did a great job on Reynolds and Reynolds, but she just did not make the transition. Before you know it, she didn’t know how to do her job anymore. So there was definitely some growing pains.

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