Auto express mazda 3 2019: 2019 Mazda3 Review: Niche Appeal | News

Interior styling mixes overlapping materials that arc around each other, with controls draped into the gaps; it’s a style that’s in vogue right now (see the new Lexus ES). Most controls feel meticulous enough, and certain sounds — the ticking turn signals, the chime when you end a Bluetooth call — have a unique, upscale vibe. Ditto for the materials; on that front, the Mazda3 could pass for an entry-level luxury car. Low-gloss panels cover the upper doors and dash, and generous stitched wrappings extend down to knee level — areas where mass-market competitors often revert to lower-budget plastics. The materials don’t cheap out when you get to the backseat, which is another common practice in the non-luxury class. Premium touches include fabric-wrapped A-pillars and one-touch express windows all around. Many pricier mid -size sedans don’t have it this good, and much of the Mazda3’s quality comes even in base trim levels.

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