Carfax canada careers: QOTD: The One You Passed Over?

My first car was the Land Ark, but that wasn’t the first car I bought. That honor went to the 1986 Nissan Sentra I bought as my first second-car. But before I bought that in 1994 my mom and I approached a car-guy friend and asked what I should get. He said he had the perfect candidate. And keep in mind this was basically a car I planned to only drive on rainy days and through the winter so I didn’t have to worry about my restored 1967 Impala getting messed up. His suggestion was to buy a freshly (though mildly) restored 1966 Chevelle. It was sharp. It had fake knockoff Corvette style wheels, it was freshly repainted butternut yellow with a new vinyl top and reupholstered interior. He wanted $4,000 which was about double what I wanted to spend on something. But I loved it instantly and took it for an extended test drive and brought it home to completely look it over. And why was it so cheap? No one wanted to buy it because the guy who restored it left the 6 in it instead of dropping in a V8. That was perfectly fine by me, and still would be to this day. Ultimately I passed on it because 1. it had no power steering which was certainly not a deal breaker in itself 2. the all new exhaust scraped when pulling into the driveway at home and the biggest factor was 3. it did not put me in a better position than I was already in. It was too nice to drive in winter so I wouldn’t have. I’d have had 2 cars out of commission all winter and I’d wind up needing a third car.

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