1996 toyota previa interior: Rare Rides: The 1981 AMC Concord Keeps it on the D/L

Sadly, the last car my grandfather ever owned was a Concorde. Without exaggeration, the worst car I have ever driven, even with 30 years as a mechanic under my belt. Breathe on the brake pedal and the rear wheels would lock up on dry pavement. Miles of vacuum lines under the hood that were always springing a leak. Acceleration required timing gaps in traffic. Terrible interior design with dinky controls and gauges that looked like those little square bedside alarm clocks of the 70s. Handling was non-existant; steering wheel inputs were more like a suggestion than a command. Ride quality was anything but. Visually, the car sported all the dorky ride height of the Eagle with none of the traction. Heavy “deluxe” factory hubcaps with tiny mounting tabs loved to fly off anytime you hit a bump in the road. Just a terrible automobile by any measure. If AMC didn’t have Jeep in it’s stable, I am sure Chrysler would have never bought them. Fast forward to the present day and the company valuation for Jeep is higher alone than its combined value with Chrysler.

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