Car fix tv show dog: Fear the Walking Dead recap: Rick Grimes connection confirmed

He takes her to another grocery store to disable another trap. He sees a bit of his daughter in her as she comments on his music choice and maps out how best to clear out the walkers within and disarm the gun. But while they’re working to sneak in the back way, the walkers are drawn to Skidmark, who’s slinking by the window. One of the dead gets caught on the gun and pushes it in the direction of the window, shattering it. Daniel and Charlie run back to the car as the dead spill out onto the road. They plan to lead the herd back to the warehouse where the walls will hold them at bay as they pick them off, but, as Sarah informs them over the radio, they busted out the plane from the back and, in doing so, made a massive hole in the walls. So now, Daniel gives Charlie the missing plane parts and tells her to drive the car back to the warehouse while he leads the walkers off with his stereo.

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