Car news india 2018: Toyota No. 1; VW makes biggest gain in ranking of most valuable car brands

To see the full report, click here . Offering mobility servicing or partnering with technology companies could offer brands a way to establish an ecosystem model and improve their brand equity standing, he said. Brandz calculates brand value starting with the brand’s market capitalization and arriving at a figure using elements such as profitability and shareholder enthusiasm, as well as the results of a global public survey into consumer attitudes toward businesses. One aspect of the survey is how much consumers “love” the brand, an area in which car firms do particularly badly. “I think there’s an element of people not really loving cars anymore,” Staplehurst said. The degree of love for car brands differs from region to region. “South Americans seem to love their car brands most, especially Toyota and Chevrolet,” Staplehurst said. The most loved car brand is Maruti-Suzuki in India, with an index of 124 (where 100 is the average of all brands measured in India). Toyota gets the most top scores on the “love” index (in seven countries, including the U.S.) followed by Audi (six countries, all in Europe).

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