Toyota hybrid suv for sale: Toyota Details Six New EV Models Launching for 2020–2025

According to Toyota, e-TNGA will accommodate an electric motor in front (for front-wheel drive), in the rear (for rear-wheel drive), or in both locations (all-wheel drive). The positioning of the front seats and battery will be fixed, but the platform’s wheelbase will be flexible to allow for different vehicle sizes. That is how e-TNGA will be manipulated in order to underpin the other five, differently sized EVs Toyota has in store beyond the compact crossover shared with Subaru. There also will be a small car (to be co-developed with Suzuki and Daihatsu), as well as another smallish crossover (which is hinted to be an electric version of the C-HR crossover), a compact sedan, a minivan, and a mid-size SUV.

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