Car radio piano letter notes: A Flood Of Feeling: ‘Nr. 3 Umhverfing’ Fills The Snæfellsnes Countryside With Art

It’s a thought many face at one point or another, but not one you’d expect to find hanging on the walls of a church. But stop by Hellnakirkja church in the tiny Snæfellsnes hamlet of Hellnar , and you’ll find that sentence carved in silver on a circular emblem presented starkly on the southern wall of the church. Created by Ragnar Kjartansson—arguably Iceland’s most famous visual artist, who is currently on exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum Of Art in New York City—the provocative work is one of the hundreds of pieces you’ll find scattered around the Snæfellsnes peninsula this summer as part of the ‘Nr. 3 Umhverfing’ exhibition.

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