Car xenon lights: VW Sends Off the Beetle with Final Edition Coupes and Convertibles

Production of the Beetle is set to end at the Puebla factory in July 2019, bringing what some at VW feel is but a temporary end to the seminal nameplate’s run. With VW focused on becoming more of a mainstream player in the U.S. market with vehicles such as the Tiguan and Atlas SUVs, there’s little time for funky niche products. But according to Volkswagen Group of America President and CEO Hinrich Woebcken, “There are no immediate plans to replace [the Beetle]. But as we have seen with the I.D. BUZZ-which is the modern and practical interpretation of the legendary Bus-I would also say, ‘Never say never.'” Which likely means that the next time we see a revived Beetle on our shores, it’ll carry an electric powertrain.

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