Autozone battery test accurate: Bark’s Bites: When Used BMW M Cars Attack (Potential Customers)

Every vehicle has problems, it’s just a matter of what and when. My experience with BMW was this: The 80s and 90s cars were a lot of fun. Dual mass flywheels that had to be replaced, not refaced, when the clutch wore out. About $1,000 in today’s money for the flywheel. 6 cylinder cars with the exhaust hanging from one side. Sure to crack, or break off, at the Y next to the bell housing. Many had a battery soldered into the circuit board in the instrument cluster. Unless the repair tech had the necessary skills the board had to be sent out to fix. BMW said to replace the board for several hundred $. Problems with timing belts and chains and their tensioners. Then there’s that drive shaft doughnut. Fixed a few with broken seat mounting. Four 6mm bolts held the front seats in. Becomes the Martin-Baker in a crash. Yep ultimate driving machine. Dump it before 5 years or it will dump on you.

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