Toyota passo sette fuel consumption: Toyota Passo Sette 7-seater MPV: full details!

As previously reported, the compact Toyota Passo Sette measures 4,180mm long, 1,695mm wide and 1,620mm tall, with a long 2,750mm wheelbase to maximize the interior space which is 2,550mm long. The Boon Luminas CX with a bodykit is slightly longer at 4,195mm. Other dimensions that Toyota has provided include a 1,630mm space between the front and rear seat rows, a 150mm split seat slide for the middle row, a wide 935mm rear door opening to ease getting in and out, and a 630mm hip point for the driver to also aide ingress and egress.

Bmw d3 alpina 2007: BMW Alpina D3 Bi-Turbo Coupe (2008) review

Not at all. How does 143g/km CO2 and 52.3mpg sound? Pretty good, when the best a 325d or 330d can do is only 49.6mpg, while puffing out 153 and 152g/km respectively. Say thank you to BMW’s Efficient Dynamics system for the Alpina’s stellar figures. The four-cylinder in the front of the D3 not only means it’s lighter than a 325d/330d but it also gets stop/start, a decoupling alternator and active aerodynamics. If you spec an automatic you lose the Efficient Dynamics tech, but you’ll still return 50.4mpg and 148g/km CO2, to the 45.6mpg and 164g/km CO2 a self-shifting 325d or 330d would deliver. There’s more, because of the  facelifted 3-series . It means Alpina now offers the D3 Bi-Turbo in saloon and estate guises, so if you’re after a diesel 3-series you’ve got to take a serious look at this Alpina. Click ‘Next’ below to read more of our Alpina BMW D3 Bi-Turbo first drive

Bmw k1300r specifications: BMW K1300R

The new K1300R may be equipped with the HP instrument cluster already well-known from the HP2 Sport as special equipment for the most sporting and dynamic riding requirements, for example on the race track. This superior system developed in cooperation with the German data specialist 2D Systems comes with a large digital display informing the rider in the Road Mode on typical features and data such as road speed, engine speed, mileage covered so far, remaining mileage on the fuel available, and the time spent travelling.

Car eats car 3 unblocked hacked: Charged With a Crime? Better Check Your Facebook Pictures

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Toyota mark x zio 2008: Spy Shots: LHD Toyota Mark X Zio for the U.S. market?

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Toyota vellfire 2008 review: Toyota Alphard gets facelift, Vellfire sibling

Click above for a gallery of the new Toyota Alphard and Vellfire Six years after Toyota’s luxury minivan, the Alphard, hit Japanese (and a few SE Asian) showrooms, the company has given its flagship people mover a facelift, and a twin brother. Noting that one in four family cars in Japan are minivans but that the outgoing Alphard appealed more to grandfathers than fathers, the second-gen model remains conservatively styled, while a meaner, more aggressive-looking stablemate, the Vellfire (above), is hoped to grab the attention of Japanese family men in their 30s who have erstwhile bought Nissan Elgrands and Honda Elysions . The new Alphard (shown at right) is longer, wider and roomier than the outgoing version. Its slightly lower roofline (by 45mm) is offset by a cabin floor that’s been lowered 55 mm, so the new van actually boasts more cabin height even though it’s not quite as tall as its predecessor. Power comes from either a 170 PS (167 hp) 2.4L four or a 280 PS (276 hp) 3.5L V6 driving the front wheels. In August, a 4WD variant will join the lineup.

2009 toyota xrs for sale: 2009 Toyota Corolla XRS Quick Test

“The Corolla’s like an xB sedan, yet it’s not as fun to drive,” says senior editor Ed Loh, inserting, “This thing needs thicker anti-roll bars and more damping.” As it is, the XRS rides rather rough, exhibits prevalent body roll, and houses a zealous electronic nanny. “The stability control’s warning bells ring as if you’ve just broken into Fort Knox. Why?” queries editor-at-large Arthur St. Antoine. Not helping is the new electric power steering, which, according to senior photographer Brian Vance, “Doesn’t find dead-center, is slow to react to input, and feels as organic as Sweet’N Low.” The Corolla’s interior seems inferior to others in its class, even with the leather. Add in a transmission that incessantly hunts for gears and shifts as it sees fit when in manual mode, and the Corolla comes across half-baked.

Toyota yaris 2008 repair manual pdf: The Great American Anti-Towing Conspiracy

Thanks for the very informative link about U-Haul, very scary reading. It also goes to show that there is nothing like a bit of training. Now do not get me wrong I hate the over emphasis there is here in the U.K for having a licence for everything but one I will agree with is you cannot now tow anything if you have just passed your driving licence. You must do a seperate test. Another thing in the U.K. it is the drivers responsibilty for the vehicle, so it is quite simple if the vehicle is wrong you are wrong. How does that help, well do what I do when confronted with a dodgy vehicle and walk back into the hire office and ask for the manager to write you a waiver form stating that he/she takes ALL responsibilty for all prosecutions etc should you be stopped by the police. It works wonders, usually a bit of an arguement but you have covered your ass and get a better vehicle. If you drive right you should have no problem towing. Try towing a 21′ caravan, about 1800 kgs, with a 1998 Renault Laguna with 110 bhp. No problem so long as you are careful and load it right. If a car was so dangerous to tow with Europe should be carnage. Look how many Dutch alone flood the roads with caravans. As for the maintenence system for commercial vehicles in the USA that leaves me scratching my head. In the UK any commercial vehicle should by law have a daily defect book, many LCV’s dont and beware you could get prosecuted for not having it, and if they are over 7500 kgs must have an inspection every 4 – 6 weeks regardless ofthe mileage. This inspection is the same as the yearly one done by the government but done by a private firm. Anyway keep up the good work.

Toyota urban cruiser 2009: 2009 Toyota Urban Cruiser, Looks Even More Like Scion xD Up-Close

If you want to see the new 2009 Toyota Urban Cruiser in person you can either hop on a plane next month and head to the Geneva Motor Show — or you can just take a look at these spy photos of the new 'yota driving about sans camouflage on the snowy Swedish roads. Just like the press shot of the new Urban small-uv we've already seen from Toyota, these clear-as-day photos show us the Urban Cruiser will basically be a re-designed US-Spec Scion xD. The changes appear to be a big-time front fascia revision, including the addition of a new grille shape, a new front bumper, new fog lamps, and a revamped lower intake design. What carries over? The headlights. Read the full spy report below the jump.